Monday, September 15, 2014

What We Wear: Little Baberham

 What We Wear: Little Baberham

I told ya life was crazy busy lately, well it still is, no surprise there, we are moving in this weekend to our new home, its official! The kitchen upgrades begin today! WOOOHOO and our home went from a warm yellow/beige to a delicious beige gray, otherwise known as "Griege" and im pretty happy about it.  Its so silly to even care about stuff like this but once you have a home i guess you just cant help but make it your own and style it to your familys personalities.  

My promise in doing this blog is to do my duty of staying as honest as possible and sharing my heart and the truth of where im at. This weekend was a rough one, it had more downs than id like to admit but we still had some great family memories as well. We closed escrow last Thursday and I think the stress of getting everything done in time and then beginning our renovations right away just started us off to a moody weekend. Both my husband and I were both really on edge and irritable. I think lack of sleep, change, and feeling a bit overwhelmed with house chores and moving can do that to ya pretty quickly. We would pray, we would sing worship songs, we would take breaks and go swim and play or eat a yummy meal.. but still, we were not ourselves as far as our attitude and mood goes. Since being a part of this social media world I think we all have observed how we share mostly the great moments, the beautiful memories, the special and sweet parts of our day or week, and that is because thats what we want to remember. I don't really have a desire to recall all of our moody days, irritable moments, or heart break.  I'd like to have our memories stored of those moments of Cash's first real steps, like last week (YAY!), the day my husband proposed, a delicious meal and the scents and colors that filled our home.  I want to remember the blessings and be thankful for them.  

The downfall with social media can be those of us that think that everyones life is really perfect, because we are only seeing a tiny piece of someones life.. all of the good.  So thats what this space is for, its to share the beauty of our lives with you all and store these memories here as a keepsake, but is has also become a ministry for me, a place where I can be genuine and transparent. I want to share pieces of our heart ache and hurst here not to remember them but to give others hope that they are not alone. I'd like to create community and real-ness here. There are people out there that don't have support, no one to talk to or pray with, people who feel that everyone else's life is perfect and they are out there struggling alone, other's who feel they have to keep all of their secrets inside and couldn't possibly share their pain or their problems.  If anything, i just want to step out in faith and lead in sharing our hurts because that is the only way through them,.. with support, with confession, asking for prayer, venting and getting things off your chest, surrendering that weight you carry, and not being 'as sick as your secrets'.  

Im not exactly sure where this post came from. I just know that was my heart this morning. I would love to hear from those of you that this post may impacted in some way.  Don't be afraid to share publicly in the comments either, thats how we can all connect to one another and step out of whatever fear inhibits us from being vulnerable. 

Today I want to share with you one of my sweet friends companies, Little Baberham. I'm really excited for this particular company because literally everything she makes is a d o r a b l e beyond belief.  You must follow her on instagram (@littlebaberham) and see photos of her darling little girls repping their shop product, its just too cute for words.  Lacey, the owner, makes headwraps & kimonos not just for your little ladies and babies but also for mama birds! Which i love because we don't have a little lady yet and I needed to get my hands on one of these so its good to know that she has styles and sizes for mommys too! 

@littlebaberham instagram

Headwrap c/o Little Baberham
Crochet Maxi Forever21 (sold out, similar style here)

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  1. Your faith and beautiful little family inspire me. Thank you for the beautiful post, your words rang true and I admire your courage to speak so openly!
    Love from one of your Australian readers :)
    Georgi xx