Monday, September 8, 2014

What We Wear: Boho Baby Boutique Romper

What We Wear: Boho Baby Boutique Romper

Hi lovelies, happy Monday!! This week is going to be a long but wonderful week because we will be closing escrow Thursday and officially be home owners! We are so beyond excited, feel overwhelmed with thankfulness and just consumed by Gods love and the blessings Hes bestowed on our little family. I can't begin to explain how undeserving I feel throughout this whole process of finding this home that is perfect for our sweet family, my heart just swells up with joy and grattitude and I don't really know what to do with all of this emotion except try to receive this gift from God and not question Him. 

Its been on our hearts this past year or so to serve Him in a greater way, we've been exploring and praying on what that looks like for quite some time and it seems like God has been shifting things around and moving in us to show us where He wants us and what exactly that looks like. Hes given us bits and pieces here and there but it seems the whole picture is coming together more and more and we are seeing what He's leading us into. I'm so excited and so glad my husband and I have been faithful in just trusting God during this season of the "unknown", we're still in that season but i feel like the fog is lifting slowly and we are gaining more clarity, which is nice for me because i'm a planner and i like to know where Hes taking us, even if God finds it humorous to continously teach me that im not in control and i need to just trust. Im thankful for this season, if anything I have learned Gods plan is always best for me and He continues to show that I can relax and know that Hes got us. 

Now on to some cuteness, this adorable little romper is by Boho Baby Boutique. I am crazy about her stuff because she creates orginal custom handmade pieces from recycled clothing! So you can take a sentimental shirt of grandpas or your husbands or your very own cardigan and create a sweet treasured timeless piece for your little one. You can pick different patterns and colors and buttons and zippers or even cute little patches to place on the romper. We went with this jean striped look with lots of blues because thats my favorite color on my sweet boy.  I paired it with our Starry Knight Design red moccs because those red buttons and moccs just make me so happy together.  The straps are adjustable so baby can grow with the romper, you can also unfold the legs or roll them up for a shorter look.

Theyre in the middle of revamping their website so check out their instagram @bohobabyboutique in the mean time! You can email them at for custom orders and be sure to use coupon code: BohoTABlog for 10% off ! When the website is up next month you'll be able to use this code there as well!

*photos taken a month or so ago. Little man has had his first hair "Trim" since then (;

Instagram @bohobabyboutique
Website: (launching October 2014)
Coupon Code 10% OFF: BohoTABlog  (type into email)

Moccasins c/o Starry Knight Design
Romper c/o Boho Baby Boutique

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