Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pregnant With Baby Number 2!!

 Pregnant with Baby Number 2!!

If you follow along on my instagram (@tessaarmstrong8 also linked on the right side of my blog) you know that we are expecting Baby number 2 this June! Now that the cats out of the bag I wanted to fill you guys in on life lately.  Im sure you noticed I have been a little MIA lately and posting way less often, I've been battling severe all day nausea (not throwing up thankfully) just like I did with Cash in the first trimester. Its awful! I have also been exhausted beyond reason so trying to take care of my 15 month old has been about the only way I can exhaust any energy because I really dont have much these days. I couldn't keep this special secret to myself for much longer so I wanted to share early on like I did with Cash because its so much more real and beautiful when your loved ones know and can be praying for your bun in the oven.

We found out we were pregnant a couple weeks into living in our new home, so talk about craziness, I was trying to unpack and organize our new house and then started feeling exhausted and sick nearly right away. Bad timing, but we are so thrilled!! I found out while my husband was at work and couldn't hold it in and knew I had to tell him right when he got home that day. So I put Cash in a cute little onesie that read "Let the Adventure Begin" and had him waiting out front holding a pair of baby shoes to hand to daddy when he pulled up. I picked girl shoes so it would be obvious they weren't Cashs (we still dont know the gender).  Here are some cute shots I snapped of the boys right when they found out.

So I know some of you asked about me doing bump updates like I did with our first pregnancy and I've decided I'll do them because they're a great way to keep a journal of all that goes on and be able to hold on to those special moments, but also because I have found how much I enjoy other bloggers who share their experiences and find a way to relate to other women as we go through this incredibly amazing but difficult journey of creating a life. Pregnancy is no easy feat.   I'll probably do a monthly pregnancy update, not much changes week to week but month by month is a whole other story, so you guys can expect those.
How far along: 11 Weeks (Due date June 11th)

Gender: We'll find out in about 3 1/2 weeks

Maternity Clothes:  I have whipped out my maternity leggings and jeans already, just because they're more comfortable when the baby sits so low right now and my uterus is expanding, cramping, and stretching. It can get really uncomfortable when anything tight is touching where my uterus is (which is right where my pants button). The belly band and hair tie trick work too, but who are we kidding, maternity jeans/leggings are just way more comfortable. Theres no shame in that. 

Sleep: I became uncomfortable pretty quickly with this pregancy. I think its all the bloating and stretching that happens around night time. From right around 5 weeks and up until now I have so much bloating happening that its literally already uncomfortable. I dread getting in bed because my lower back has already started hurting if I lay on it, so im having to sleep on my side which feels like my stomach is heavy and already needs a pillow under it for support. Its insane how quickly my stomach has popped with this second baby! Maybe its because I had a 7.4 lb baby 16 months ago. lol

Miss Anything:  feeling good. ..Being nauseas feels like I have had the flu for 2 months.

Cravings: just like with my first pregnancy I am currently craving fruit, citrus fruit like cuties and oranges sound so yummy, and cold raspberries and watermelon.  At week 4 & 5 I was craving carbs like movie theatre popcorn and cheeze its and pizza. Its so weird what our bodies tell us we want.  At weeks 6-9 I really wanted soups, butternut squash soup, tomato soup and tortilla soup sounded so good. 

Adversions: I have had an adversion to anything i cook, lol. Cooking has been something that grosses me out and makes me gauge thinking about, so we have done wayyyy too much eating out these past 2 months, exactly like when I was pregnant with Cash in my first trimester.  

Symptoms: Less cramping and stretching now that ive passed the first two months, I have really awful constipation (isnt this pointless if im not honest?) this is due to being on Zofran (my anti nausea medication again). This same problem happened with my first pregnancy, and let me tell you, it is NO fun.  I tried 2 other medications and they didnt work at all. This time around Zofran only works off and on, with Cash it felt like it took away all of my nausea.  I am always hungry, & I have to eat every 2 hours because if I dont im nauseas again.  Really exhausted but I started feeling a tiny bit more motivated and energized around 10 weeks. Im breaking out on my face, and even my body like i did with Cash in my 1st tri.  And I was really hormonal from week 3.5 to week 8 (thats one of the ways I knew i was pregnant!).  

Belly Button in or out: in

Mood: Really ready to be done feeling sick

Best Moment this week: Having more energy!! 

Looking forward to:  Finding out the gender! Also, being able to work out again, i've taken a month or so off of the gym and I am feeling more motivated and less tired now so Im happy to be feeling better.

Exercise: I stopped exercising for the last month or so, I went to my first Dr appointment and the ultrasound found a small bleed in my uterus, I havent had any spotting or pain or anything, but it just means I had  to be careful for a few weeks so it would heal. I had the same thing happen with Cash early on and it healed perfectly by 12 weeks.  My dr. said it was nothing concerning and they see it all the time, its really common as the gestational sac grows bigger and stretches.  Im not worried about it but I wanted to be safe and do whatever I could to have it heal quicker and keep our baby safe.  It was also a nice break for me while being so tired to just give myself time to rest. 

We are excited to have our little ones 2 years apart and to be giving Cash a sibling.  We are so thankful our little angel is growing healthy and has a strong heartbeat. I can't thank God enough for this blessing.

  If you're on this journey with me and expecting a baby, Id love to hear about how you've been feeling, foods you've been craving, and how you stay healthy and take care of yourself while being pregnant. Also what do you think we are having, a boy or a girl?



  1. I've been a reader for a little while after seeing your blog on Pinterest. Congrats on baby #2! I'm also pregnant with #2. I have a daughter that's almost 17 months old and this pregnancy has been completely different thus far than my first. I found out earlier, 6 weeks vs 10.5 weeks. I felt very nauseous before finding out and I was hungry, but couldn't eat much. My husband suggested I take a test, which was early bc I still had a couple of weeks before that time of the month arrived. We were shocked! Took 6 years to become parents to Vivian and only took 1 month to become pregnant with her sibling :) Fatigue has been relentless. A lot of parenting from the couch, up until recently (I'll be 14 weeks next week...due May 24th). I couldn't keep anything down...lost 4 lbs in less than a week. Had to start Diclegis which was a miracle drug! The nausea has gone away finally and energy level is getting better. I do get a little dizzy in the mornings. Exercise has been a no go, but chasing my 17 month old is enough for now. I don't care for eating anything I make either, been eating out a lot lately. Like snacking on cuties and chocolate covered nuts. Sorry so lengthy. Like you, I enjoy reading other people's journey. Congratulations again and hope the nausea and fatigue passes soon. Also, my 2 will be 23 months apart :) Next year will be fun! Jennifer

    1. You poor thing!! Im so glad you were able to find diclegis and fel somewhat better! I havent exercised in over a month and a half either so i feel ya on that one. Congratulations to you too love! ill do an updated post soon! Im so excited your little are 23 months apart too!

  2. Hi Tessa. I saw you posted on your Instagram and had to read. I'm also prego with #2 due in June so we're on the same path :) Funny thing is everything you're mentioning is EXACTLY what I'm feeling this time around as well. My nausea is constant all day everyday but mostly just gagging. My belly started to pop immediately and I feel very heavy. It's just now in the last week it's started to look like a baby belly and not just a burrito belly haha. I've had back issues since I was in high school so last pregnancy and this one has not been kind to me in that regard. Part of the problem is I am not into working out AT ALL. Nothing seems to really motivate me and I've always struggled with high heart rate and asthma. :/ Thankfully at this stage in my life I'm fairly petite with no serious health issues so I just try to keep my food intake in check. This of course proves difficult when pregnant and hungry and nauseous all day long. I, like you, also don't feel like cooking at all so I've been doing easy stuff like mac n cheese and ravioli (those have been my "cravings" I guess you can say). Same as last pregnancy. Awful Awful. My husband does what he can but he's also trying to take care of our little 14 month old Zoe since I'm pretty much out of commission when I get home from work every night. When you get motivated to cook again please share your recipes :) As far as gender I'm going to guess that you're having another boy. This is wishful thinking because I want a boy and since we're both experiencing the same thing then maybe it means BOY!! haha. I'm praying God takes your discomfort and replaces it with more energy. I just keep reminding myself that no matter the symptom we are just blessed that God gave us a body that can get pregnant let alone carry a healthy and joyful baby into this world. God is so good! :) Last question for you: where did you find maternity jeggings? Any other comfy fall/winter maternity style suggestions?

    Thanks and keep up the amazing blogging!

    1. Awww so exciting, we are so close in our pregnancies! How fun is that!!? Its so nice that you relate! It sounds like your kiddos will be really close in age too! Im nervous but excited to see what that will be like. Im praying you feel better sweety. I find out this weekend what we're having so we'll see if youre right and we're having a boy again! I will be happy either way! Thank you for the prayers, i really appreciate it! And ill be praying for you too! I love ASOS for leggins, and jeans. I have great leggings that are not see through from a pea in a pod (i think you can order those at a lot of department stores or even online if you google them). I wear alot of normal clothes, big chunky sweaters, jeans with the hair tie or belly band, and then ill wear a flowy shirt if im in the awkward stage or a tight tank or v neck (target has great maternity tanks and v necks for cheap) and you can keep those on rotation with different outfits.

  3. Congratulations!!! How fun! I'm pregnant with our first baby and due June 11th as well. My symptoms and aversions have been mild and as much as I am grateful, I sometimes wish I had stronger indications that I'm pregnant. I'm sure it's just first time paranoia, but glad you'll be posting monthly so I have a way to gain some insight from you. Best wishes!

    1. AHHH SAME DUE DATE! WOhhhoo! this will be fun! Im so glad you have been feeling so good! I know its nice to have nausea as a reminder but boy does it stink! I am sure youre having to a lot of trusting and having faith this baby is in Jesus' hands. But yes that paranoia will always be there for any mama in the first trimester (at least for my friends, family and myself thats the verdict). Yes, so happy to have you folllowing along on our journey! Congrats mama! xo

  4. I know that my question is a little late for this post, but how did you prepare Cash for a new sibling. My daughter is 7 months old, and I'm 12 weeks prego, so they will have a pretty close age gap. I know that Cash was a bit older than her when he found out about Layla, but all the help I can get would be awesome! Thanks Tessa!