Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Tree Lighting & Visiting Santa!

Christmas Tree Lighting & Visiting Santa!

We had such a blast this past weekend celebrating my mom in laws birthday by going to dinner at Red O at Fashion Island and then going to see the Christmas tree lighting, watch a water show, and get some hot cocoa and coffee while walking around as a family. This holiday season is so special, Cash is old enough to really enjoy it and is talking up a storm saying "SANTA" "LIGHTS" "JESUS" "TREE", it is so adorable and im soaking up every bit of him this last Christmas with just the three of us.

He was so excited to see that the fountains at Fashion Island were all lit up with beautiful colors night, he even tried to dive in, as per usual (;

Visting Santa was quite the experience.. I have never ever seen this little one afraid. EVER. He is a fearfless one i tell you. But the moment he saw us walking up to Santa to place him on his lap, he instantly clung to me and was terrified.  He didn't want to go anywhere close to him. Of course, we knew most kids are initially scared of Santa so we figured its tradition to get a crying "get me the heck out of here" photo of him as a baby.  So we did what all parents do and put him on Santas lap anyhow. He kept looking back at the old man with the giant white beard behind him. I will never forget the look on his face, he was curious but scared.  So my husband and I jumped in the photo with him and Santa stood behind the chair, Cash had his eye on him the whole time. It was pretty comical, as sad as it was. The rest of this week he has asked about Santa every. single. day.  Its as though he forgot how terrorized he was and now is filled with curiousity and wonder.  We have a couple Santa figures up at home and he chats with them every day. So maybe we'll pay Santa another visit this season and see how it goes now that they've been introduced (:

^^^my favorite photo!^^^

^^^much better with mama^^^

^^^Papa walking around his grandson, what could be cuter!?!^^^

^^^I cannot get enough of these two together^^^

^^^ISn't this just the best photo ever? He was so amazed and excited!^^^

^^^& about as best of a photo of the three of us we got by the tree, lol #toddlerlife^^^

^^^Watching the water show intensely.. & below, hes about to dive in. vvv

He woke up early Monday morning throwing up. Thats never ever happened so we were immediately alarmed and kept a watchful eye on him.. he ended up throwing up the rest of the morning for several hours, not even able to keep tylenol down.  So we cuddled the rest of the day and slowly but surely he was cured from the flu/or food poisoning (who knows?!) and was able to eat dinner and it didnt come back up. PRAISE the Lord! That was quite terrifying & really really sad on my mama heart. If your little one gets the flu for the first time heres what worked for us (make sure you have clean laundry because you'll be changing him and yourself quite often, pediatlite (for the electrolites..1/2 oz every 10-15 mins if theyre able to keep it down), pedialite frozen popsicles (easier for them to eat slowly verses chugging fluids and vommitting right after), water (to stay hydrated.  1/2 oz at a time every 10-15 mins if theyre able to keep it down), sprite (to calm the tummy), crackers.  Once theyre better and keeping fluids and crackers down for several hours we tried giving him the BRAT diet, bananas, rice, apples and toast. We started with a banana, more crackers and then gave him some bland oatmeal. That was about it for the day. 

....We find out if ITS A BOY OR A GIRL next weekend at our gender reveal holiday party!!!!!!! So i've been working with some great shops and some fun DIY projects for the party that i cannot wait to share with you all! (stay tuned and keep an eye out next week for that!)

 What do you think we are having?! Write it in the comments below, i would love to hear from you guys! 
(i have quite a few posts coming this week so keep checking back for those as well!)


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  1. I'm thinking boy since you said you were feeling exactly the same as you did with Cash! But a little piece of me wants to say girl. Can't wait to read about the gender reveal