Tuesday, December 30, 2014

17 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

  17 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

Hey loves, I have been meaning to do an update for ya'll on how pregnancy is going this time around. Im just about 17 weeks and this bump is growing at rapid speed and has been so much earlier on than when i was pregnant the first time around. 

How far along: 17 Weeks

Gender: GIRRRRL!

Maternity Clothes:  Maternity Jeans and leggings yes please.  What are your favorite work out maternity brands??

Sleep: Its actually been pretty decent. Im not that uncomfortable anymore, I only wake up once for a bathroom break.  I have been using this incredible BUMP NEST pregnancy pillow i'll share more about below.

Miss Anything:  working out and not struggling to find something to wear.

Cravings: No current cravings, they've been gone since 14 weeks

Adversions: NONE!! WOOHOO! im pretty much eating how i normally do now.

Symptoms: Ive been off Zofran for nausea since last week!! i started taking just one dose a day in the morning around 14 weeks and tapered off at 16 weeks and a day or two.  I am so glad to be feeling better, i still get nauseas if i havent eaten in a few hours which i think is normal for any pregnant woman.  I honestly am pretty much symptom free right now. I just have a tiny bit of fatigue left over from the first trimester, but i relatively feel pretty normal.

Belly Button in or out: OUT!

Mood: Emotional, blessed, grateful

Best Moment this week: Well nothing really that crazy this week but last week i was pretty certain i felt the baby move! SUCH AN UNREAL FEELING!

Looking forward to:  Being able to work out again, ill say more below

Exercise: I stopped exercising for the whole first trimester because as i explained in the last pregancy update i had a small bleed show up  in my uterus on my 8 week ultrasound so the dr. told me to take it easy just incase, so of course I wanted to be as careful as possible! I had this same thing happen with Cash in my first trimester and rest helped it heal quicker. It was a nice break where i could just rest and be tired and lay on the couch and I was totally fine with that. (;  Then at 13 weeks I got really sick for over 2 weeks. And now the last week or two its just been crazy busy with Christmas and my hubbys new work schedule, Im too tired to work out at night and too sleepy in the morning. So i'll try to figure out a new schedule that works for the upcoming month and stick with it for  2-3 days a week to stay healthy and active during this pregnancy.

I will say that being pregnant with a girl you really do carry differently! With Cash I was all up front, with this baby I totally see more all around, so in my hips and front and back! lol It must be true what they say, Girls really do steal their mamas beauty dont they?

BUMP NEST sent me this amazing pillow a month ago and I am one happy happy prego because of it!! They have so many great options for fabrics for your pillow case that you can see below or on their website.  What i love is that it is a machine washable pillow, it comes with a travel case, a little matching baby beanie, and has a variety of patterns to pick from.

^^^Arent these just adorable??!!^^^

See you next month for another pregnancy update. 


  1. Hello my name is Genevieve. I'm pregnant with second child too and a girl too.
    My first baby is a boy, Billie (January 9 over two years!!!)

    Over the last two weeks with my husband were looking for names for our little girl. We chose Geraldine.
    Maybe these names will help you choose :


    1. AWW congrats mama!! That is so exciting!! Thank you so much for the baby names! We have a first name we are keeping secret until she arrives but not sure about a middle name so we will keep these in mind (: