Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Life Lately: Via The Camera Roll

Life Lately: Via The Camera Roll

Wow, that was a quick 2 weeks that flew by! I have been so busy with life that I have neglected this little blog of mine.  A quick little update of what we've been up to this past week, LOTS of beach days and frolicking at the park or going for walks and exploring is always fun with this curious guy. We counted just within 10 minutes how many words he has at 17 months old and we hit 100 and had to stop. My ap says he should have around 10 words by now, i cannot believe this little guy has over 100 easy words that he knows and says clearly with understanding. Some of my favorites lately are "bug, please, trash truck, and duck".  He is so sweet and has become such a little boy and his own person.  We play outside everyday and that seems to be his favorite thing in the world. Hes an adventurous one just like his mama. He had his first ice cream cone last week, thanks to me because I was craving one mid day, which never happens.  We have spent a lot of time with friends and family, as always, and my sister found out shes having a baby boy! So now we have 2 girls on the way in May and June and a little boy in July.  SO exciting! And its just so much fun being pregnant together with my sisters, and also several of my girlfriends.  We signed up for MOPs which starts tomorrow, im excited and nervous about it. Im excited because its going to be a great experience, Im nervous because Cash doesnt really enjoy daycare settings. We are hoping this will slowly get him used to it so one day when he begins preschool he'll be really comfortable with a class setting and leaving me.  Hes fine when family watches him, he struggles mostly when its a stranger  so hopefully he'll get to know these woman there and feel more comfortable week by week, ill definitely listen to his needs and start slow.  So far 2015 has been great, we are really looking forward to our big 20 week anatomy ultrasound scan next week, so ill be sharing more on that soon!

My sisters 24 weeks (kelsey having a girl), 18.5 weeks (me having a girl), and 14 weeks (courtney having a boy).  So much fun!


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