Thursday, January 29, 2015

20 Weeks Pregnancy Update: Second Baby

20 Weeks Pregnancy Update: Second Baby

(*20 weeks in photo above)

How far along: 21 Weeks now (but i'll do my 20 week post since thats halfway and a big one!)

Gender: GIRL!

Maternity Clothes:  Maternity Jeans and leggings yes please. Wearing normal shirts/sweaters since its still a little chilly out

Sleep: I wake up usually around 6am from my husband getting up to get ready, i'll go to the bathroom and then go back to sleep until my little one is up. So im doing pretty well with sleep right now still.

Miss Anything:  working out regularly, not being as tired as i currently am

Cravings: chips and salsa with lime

Adversions: Just the smell of coffee. I cant stand the smell of coffee brewing in our house (which i use to love!) so my husband and i both cant make coffee here at home anymore. I can sometimes drink it if someone else makes it like starbucks or at church but i've mostly been opting to skip on coffee all together (as much as i miss it and really need it because im so tired ha)

Symptoms: I feel tired still but I think thats just part of your body sustaining two lives instead of one. Other than that I have felt really great lately! This past week my wedding ring was irritating my ring finder and started to get really dry underneath, i took my rings off just to let it heal because the skin was a tad raw. I googled it and i guess its a common occurence in pregnancy because of hormones our skin can become more sensitive and when you do dishes or wash your hands a lot soap and water can get underneath and dry out your skin even more.  SO if any of you ladies have experienced this i guess its common and normal ( ;

Belly Button in or out: sort of flat/out

Mood: happy, productive

Best Moment this week: Feeling our sweet little lady moving around constantly. Its just such an incredible feeling and amazing for bonding. OH and our 20 week anatomy scan last week went so well, she was WILD moving all over the place, nothing like our first child in the womb who was much more calm, she wouldn't sit still but it was so cute to watch! Shes healthy and all of her organs are functioning and developing perfectly! AMEN, that was so so wonderful to hear. Praise Jesus for this healthy miracle growing inside of me.

Looking forward to:  Our upcoming baby shower, putting together a girly nursery sounds so fun(:

Exercise: I explained in my last pregnancy update that I hadnt worked out at all thus far (much different than my 5 days a week i did while pregnant with cash), now i have managed to get a small workout in about once a week. Which doesnt really do much but the way our schedules are right now i dont really have an option, so i'll take what i can get & be grateful for it!. It is hard though because im an active person and exercising is fun and sort of a hobby/outlet and stress reducer for me so not having that has been a change but i know once we get a new routine down with our new schedules things will even out and i can get back on it. Im halfway and have gained about the same i had with my first pregnancy at this point so i feel good about where I am and am just trying to enjoy this time with my little guy while its just the three of us before we add another one to the bunch! 

I'll be sharing some posts in the upcoming weeks/months on some of your ideas you guys left for me in the comments section on my last post! Thank you for following along on our journey, for being so sweet to us, and for sharing your thoughts (;



  1. You look so adorable! Aren't the food aversions crazy?? I couldn't stand chicken... And I am normally a huge fan of it. That was probably my least favorite thing about being pregnant.

    Summer Ann
    Simply Summer Ann Blog

    1. Yes they really stink! There are so many days when certain things just sound repulsive, but coffee seems to be the long standing adversion that i wish so badly would end!!

  2. So glad to find you here!! I am also pregnant with my second, due in june!!! So excited to follow along with you!!!!!

    1. Yay! I am so glad you found us here too!! Congratulations,that is so exciting and so fun that we are both due in the same month!! Do you know what you are having yet?