Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What We Love: Dr Brown's Baby Products

What We Love: Dr Brown's Baby Products

Hey lovelies, I will be updating you in the next day or so on another pregnancy update now that we are near the end and im over 38 weeks pregnant.  For now I wanted to share with you all about Dr Brown's baby products! I was approached by Dr Brown's to try a few of their items out, as best as I can before our little girl is here, and I was instantly excited to jump on it! We used a few of their bottles with our son and he did great with them.  We tried their Wide neck bottle which is easier to fill and hold and the silicone nipple is also broader based which some babies prefer, i also have the standard Dr Browns bottles in their new pink color for baby girl to try! We were so intrigued by their Deluxe bottle warmer and Deluxe electric bottle sterilizer and how quickly and easily they clean and heat the bottle, we had to try both of those!  Head over to the Dr Brown's website and watch their short video clip on how each work, i promise you'll want to invest in one of these bad boys if you're a working mom like me and need your sitter to be able to have clean bottles readily available as well as get the bottle to the correct temperature for the baby without having to run it under hot sink water or boil a pot of water to heat it.  I love that their breastmilk storage bags hold 6 oz measured right there for you so your husbands or babysitters can easily figure out how much they're feeding the baby. Lastly, I had to try the Gia nursing pillow, this pillow is uniquely shaped so that one end works well for newborns (thick end) and the thin end is best for older babies, it has a broader surface than most nursing pillows which is great because then the baby is well-supported and more comfortable.

^^^This is the easiest way to warm a bottle ive ever seen! The Deluxe Bottle Warmer can heat a bottle or a babys food! Its an easy to use LCD control panel and it can adjust the basket to fit different sized bottles. It shuts off on its own after 10 minutes too, so its safe for us tired mamas!

^^^This is the Deluxe Electric Sterilizer:  It Safely steam sterilizes 6 BOTTLES in 12 MINUTES! Its literally a 1 button operation and has auto shut off when the cycle is complete. ^^^^

^^^It has compartments for not just the bottle base but the nipples and pieces that go inside.^^^

^^^Gia nursing pillow with the cover "Beckie" 

To all of my mommy followers, i know how important it is to find a good bottle that you're baby will take! I would recommend trying these 100%!

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