Tuesday, May 12, 2015

35 Weeks: Pregnancy Update

35 Weeks: Pregnancy Update


How far along: 35.5 weeks pregnant (quickly moving onto 36 in 2 days)

Due date: June 11 2015

Weight Gain: 24 lbs. 

Symptoms:  Lower back aches at night, bathroom trips usually once a night, TONS of braxton hicks daily, cervical sharp pains here and there that stop me in my tracks and i have stand there cringing until they're gone. This week i had some really bad ones. I was told they are the baby either moving lower or hitting a nerve on your cervix that sends shooting pain.  Shes so active and her movements are sometimes uncomfortable but thats to be expected at this stage.  Im SUPER exhausted, all day long, so being motivated to do anything is tough. I have to go go go with my toddler so resting isnt really much of an option besides nap time and night time..which i look more and more forward to do these days (;  I have a little acid reflux here and there but not often, maybe once every few weeks. I eat spicy and acidic foods all the time and eat regular sized meals and dont seem to have an issue with heart burn, which is SOOOO nice because i crave mexican food and limes/tangerines.  I have that darn numbness under my rib cage (especially on the right hand side), i had this with my first pregnancy too, it seems to be aggravated by my bra and sitting.  At 35.5 weeks i started experiencing pelvic pain or lower abdomen pain, it just feels really really sore/heavy, the dr said thats "pressure" from the baby.

Still a little acid reflux (burning in my throat) but not really that intense, and hasnt led to that dreaded heart burn a lot of mommies talk about. Im still eating spicy foods, late at night, and big meals and haven't had too much of a problem yet. I have a numbness on my right upper rib under my right breast. I read this is common for a lot of moms and its just my uterus pressing up against my other organs  cramming them

Cravings: Chocolate, sandwhiches, and chips w lime and rock salt still.. new ones lately are smoothies, cold tangerines again, and sees candy loli pops.  Coffee is and off and on thing for me, i cant make it myself because the smell makes me gauge, so ive been opting for Chai Tea Lattes when my hubby and i do coffee runs.

Wedding Rings: on. Although im just wearing my engagement ring because im too afraid my wedding rings will cause another allergic reaction so i put them on only for special occasions.

Belly button: out, no question there!

Exercise: Lately just cardio once a week. Im lucky if i get to go twice.  Ive been so tired though that its probably for the best to rest more often.

Sleep: sleep is ok, i wake up tired though and it lingers throughout the day. I still use my pregnancy pillow and ask for massages nightly. Which reminds me, i had the best pregnancy massage at Burke Williams spa this past week, if you havent had a spa treatment during you pregnancy... get one!!

Maternity Clothes: Yes rotating between maternity pieces and non maternity pieces. Im all about comfort these days. Anything tight or restricting hurts.

Excited for:  finishing her nursery, our babymoon next week!!!, and meeting our little girl.

Missing: feeling comfortable. I often have waves of nausea lately, and ill get hot flashes and feel like im going to faint if im standing in heels or in heat for too long.

Pre Labor Signs: YEP, we are at that point where this is now part of the update!! AH! I started having a little menstrual like cramping in my lower belly with a dull back ache (at 35.5 weeks) for an hour here and there throughout the day. Im thinking this is just practice and/or dilating or effacing my cervix, who knows?! I remember having this all the time with my first pregnancy but not so sure it was this early on?  Im excited for my dr visit this week to check!  Im feeling sore around my lower pelvic region and my bones down there feel achey on and off.

Dr Update: My dr will start doing internal exams this next week! im excited to see if things are already progressing.  I also have a scheduled growth scan, the dr didnt say why she just said she would like to do one. My fundal measurement is right on track so not too sure what her curiosity is but im not too worried about it.

Life update: my sister had her baby 6 days ago!! My heart is so so happy! Her little girl is so precious. Being in the delivery room for my sisters birth just a month away or less frm being there myself was a little bit scary.. ive seen births before in person but my poor sisters epidural didnt numb her all the way down there, so she felt all of the crowning and babys head coming out, which looked so extremely painful. I wasnt expecting to feel that because with the epidural i didnt with my son.. but now im preparing myself for it just incase. and lets just say, thats the part im not looking forward to. The part where we meet her and get to see her little face and her personality is all i can think about at the moment though!

See my 35 week pregnancy update with my first here and 36 week update with my first pregnancy here

^^^35.5 weeks this past Saturday celebrating our sweet friends Andrea & Kileys nuptuals^^^

^^^& a huge I LOVE YOU and HAPPY MAMAS DAY to my gorgeous mom who has made me the women i am today, without her I would be so lost. Shes the best mom and I am so honored to follow in her footsteps with my own children^^^

& lastly, my sweet niece was born just a little over a week ago!! She is precious and makes me feel extra excited for our sweet angel to be here. 

I hope youre all having a lovely day!!


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