Saturday, June 15, 2013

35 Weeks Pregnant

35 Weeks Pregnant

Baby bump at 35 weeks

Comparison of the baby belly at 5 weeks, 25 weeks, and 35 weeks pregnant

Front view of the prego belly

How far along: 35 Weeks pregnant, almost 9 Months Pregnant (one week away)!

Weight Gain: 21 lbs (gained +.9 lbs this week)

Stretch Marks: none

Belly Button: OUT

Wedding Rings On/Off:  On

Movement: Yes still very very active.. during the day and especially at night. Sometimes his movement hurt.

Feeling: Really good still!!! So grateful to have had such an easy pregnancy thus far.

Mood: really happy still. extremely grateful. enjoying every moment of being pregnant and appreciating our family of two for this last month.. then we'll be a family of three!

Cravings: chocolate. chocolate. chocolate. Its bizarre but the only sweets i want now is chocolate.  I also sort of craved a burger this week (i satisfied this craving by having a bite of my hubbies one night at dinner, i had chiptole prawn tacos instead).

Symptoms: Still a little acid reflux (burning in my throat) but not really that intense, and hasnt led to that dreaded heart burn a lot of mommies talk about. Im still eating spicy foods, late at night, and big meals and havent had too much of a problem yet. I have a numbness on my right upper rib under my right breast. I read this is common for a lot of moms and its just my uterus pressing up against my other organs  cramming them.  It can also be your skin streching but i dont think thats the case with me, it doesnt feel tight up there just yet, theres still room. The belly is growing by the DAY! Im getting BIGGG! Especially after meals.  Im hungry in the mornings especially now.  

Pre labor signs:  I have had cramps in my lower abdomen (on the right side only by my hip) twice this week while doing cardio (not braxton hicks, not contractions).  It sort of feels like its stretching, like a pulled muscle (but it doesnt feel like round ligament pain).  I also have had this pinching, sharp, tickly feeling in my cervix area (kind of feels like scratching almost). I've had that three days in a row this week. Its getting harder to walk, each step i take i have the urge to pee (its not going away even after i do use the restroom). So i think his head is going lower and lower.

Missing: being small, i feel huge! But im just enjoying it and trying not to think about how difficult its getting to find something i feel like wearing that also fits!, it will all be over and we'll have our little boy in our arms soon enough!

Looking Forward to: Our next dr's visit. Its on monday. Maybe we will be able to check if im effaced or dialated at all? We shall see!

Sleep: its the same. I wake up at least 2 times for bathroom trips. (2-3 most nights now). I drink a ton of water at night, this is probably part of the blame. I aim for over 8 glasses a day. I'd like to hit 12 but most of the time I reach 10.

Exercise: still going strong. . This week I did 2 light weight training days, and 6 days of moderate cardio. With the urge to pee, crampy feelings two days this week, and that numb heavy leg pain in my right leg it is definitely getting harder to push myself to complete a good work out but im sticking to it until my body tells me otherwise. I've slowed down a lot during cardio, I take as many breaks as needed, and during weights i've gone down a couple lbs the last few weeks. 

Update: Im on maternity leave, its official!!!! So this week my to do list is to: have carseat installed (make an appointment with fire department to show us the correct safe way).  Pack and collect all things for the hospital bag for myself, baby, and my husband.  Clean the house (deep clean).  Wash all of the babies clothes. Purchase his glider and dresser. Start planning meals i can cook and freeze for the first 2 weeks after hes here (most women dont feel like cooking or have the time to those first few weeks).  Get my car recalls done (doing that today).  Get my husbands car cleaned out as well as my trunk. Make sure all insurance stuff is taken care of for me and the baby. Those are my "musts" this week.

Count down: FULL TERM IN 2 WEEKS!!!! Due in 5! Which means he could come safely any time between 2-5 weeks from now!