Saturday, June 1, 2013

33 Week Pregnancy Update

33 Week Pregnancy UPdate

Baby bump

Belly comparison, from 13 weeks, to 23 weeks, to 33 weeks!

Most normal length shirts show a little of the belly so I have to constantly tug on them and pull them down. But im making due for now and not going to buy any maternity clothes.

Front view

How far along: 33 weeks! 8 Months Pregnant!

Weight Gain: just about 19 lbs gained (18.8 lbs)

Stretch Marks: none

Belly Button: OUT

Wedding Rings On/Off:  On

Movement: ALL THE TIME! I love feeling him moving around in there, it never ever gets old! His movements are so crazy to watch from the outside. Some of them are starting to hurt when his little feet feel like they are trying to stretch outside of my skin!

Feeling: Really good still. I have had a few more days this week of feeling really tired and an afternoon nap is always calling my name, although i never take naps.  I should probably start to!

Mood: really happy. I love pregnancy still. I know this will most likely change in the next couple weeks as i get even more uncomfortable but so far this journey has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I am so so happy to have this great joy and blessing growing inside of me and get to share that with my husband and family/friends.

Symptoms: same as last week (one day when i had a little heart burn but nothing too bad, didnt even take a tum).  Newest symptom is being out of breathe... my lungs are squished and and i have moments when i just cant seem to get enough air and almost feel nauseas, hot sweats, and like im going to pass out. I havent had any trouble with not being able to breathe during cardio (which i find interesting) but lifting light weights is becoming a challenge due to lack of oxygen.

Missing: a flat tummy.. its summer so thats probably why

Looking Forward to: meeting our little man

Sleep: its the same. I wake up at least 2 times for bathroom trips still.

Exercise: still going strong. I am tired and get that darn leg heaviness in my right leg so its getting more difficult but still able to keep it up one day at a time (:  This week so far ive done 4 days of cardio and 1 day of light weights ( ill probably do cardio today or tomorrow, so lets just say 5 days).

UPdate: Our Dr.'s visit went amazingly!  The ultrasound was a nice long one, we check out all of our little guys oregons, his weight, his height, and my amniotic fluid. On Tuesday he was measuring 4.5 lbs, we were told he has realllllly long legs (thank you daddy), and my amniotic fluid is 14 (they like it to be anywhere between 10 and 20, so im right in the middle. which is great). The baby's heart rate was perfect, his four chambers in his heart are healthy, his kidneys, lungs, diaphragm, bones (in his arms and legs), his brain, and his bladder all looked PERFECT according to the ultrasound technician and the Dr.  YAAAAY! AMEN PRAISE JESUS! THank you Father for a healthy baby! Oh and his weiner is still there (:
They said i probably slowed down in weight gain because i have a small frame and am a small person, so im going to do my best not to worry from now on (: 

I'd like to add something special:  I just wanted to say how blessed I have felt these past few months to carry this beautiful angel in my womb. I anticipated pregnancy would be much harder to cope with all of the changes and my bodys transformation. I really feel grateful for a healthy little boy and to be able to conceive and carry a baby 9 whole months.  I feel beautiful and have embraced all that my body has become to sustain this little mans life and continue to keep him safe and healthy. I never knew what it would be like to be pregnant, what itd feel like, or how id cope with all of the changes... and i believe i had a negative outlook on how hard itd be.. so going into this i didnt really know what to expect but i can say now that this is truly the best experience of my life, its given me a whole new purpose, a new reason to wake up and have joy each day and treat myself well because im nurturing my son through doing so. I feel connected to God, our creator, in such a wonderful way, as well as my husband who created this tiny person with me.  I cannot wait to meet our son and experience what its like to become a mother.  So to all you pregnant women out there I hope that you take every day as a gift, knowing that some women who cant carry a child would trade places with you any day, and this truly is the most wonderful joy that God has given us with our spouse.  We have made a life with our soul mate and with our Lord.. thats pretty spectacular!

Count down:  FULL TERM IN LESS THAN 4 WEEKS! Due in less than 7!! 


  1. During week by week pregnancy time health, fitness and nutrition are important to the development of your baby.thanks for sharing the information through your post...

  2. I completely agree! Other mommy blogs really helped me to understand what was normal for my body to go through and what to expect. I also found other mommies who encouraged continuing their work outs and listening to their bodies. Its alwasy beneficial to have a supportive group of women to walk this journey with!