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32 Week Pregnancy Update

32 Weeks Pregnancy Update: 

Baby Bump Comparisons from 12 weeks, 22 weeks and 32 weeks pregnant. Amazing to see the growth and how our bodies just know what to do! 

Tummy Shots: 32 Weeks Pregnant

I always post the bare belly, but i thought id share what it looks like in every day clothes so here are a couple of my OOTD

32 Week Pregnancy Update:

How far along: 32 weeks! 8 Months Pregnant!

Weight Gain: 18.3 lbs gained so far

Stretch Marks: none

Belly Button: OUT

Wedding Rings On/Off:  On

Movement: ALL THE TIME! I love feeling him moving around in there, it never ever gets old! He is such a night owl, around 9 oclock he gets going and doesnt stop until around 12ish and then finally settles down. I know im going to miss this. I love having him with me at all times (:

Feeling: Really great actually. I have a day or two in the week when the exhaustion catches up with me but im not complainin.  I still have a ton of energy! Im trying to get everything done ahead of time so those last few weeks i can just relax. Im beginning to shop for things ill need for my hospital bag (i can do a post on this later).  And getting all his diapers sorted, putting together his swing, stroller, etc.  Theres just so much left to do! I need to order a glider still, a breast pump, wash all of his clothes (any suggestions for detergents you like for babies are welcome!), and the list goes on  and on. We also need to decide where we will be moving when our lease is up in September (a month and half after hes here! Ugh moving with a newborn does not sound fun).

Mood: really happy. I love pregnancy! i couldnt say that in the first trimester but the second and third have been an incredible experience i wouldnt trade for anything. I feel so good and so thankful. I havent had any moody moments as of late (thank you hormones for giving my husband a break lol). Ive had a great pregnancy thus far with no real complications aside from extreme nausea in the beginning.  I love having a bump. Its fun to dress even though its getting way more challenging as of late due to my shirts being so short. I stick with wearing mostly non maternity clothes (dresses, maxi skirts, longer shirts, and just having fun with it).

Symptoms: heart burn a couple times a week but its not unbearable and i havent really had to take anything other than a couple times i had a few Tums.  Im starting to have difficulty wearing normal bras (underwire is just a no no now). They dig into my rib cage while im sitting because my uterus has taken over my entire tummy and pushes up against my ribs. Its making it harder to breathe but its mostly just when i sit down. I get leg cramps when im sleeping if i point my toes to stretch my leg really quick (feels sort of like a charlie horse, OUCH!). Its hard to bend down now and get out of bed. I have to roll to the side to avoid using my abs (which hurt from my tummy stretching).  Other than that i feel the same and have no new symptoms.

Missing: being able to lay on my tummy and cuddle my hubby close (we have a huge belly in the way of us now). ahah. I miss just doing normal things like bending down easily and getting out of bed without having to roll to the side like a whale hahah.

Looking Forward to: our drs visit on tuesday..we get an ultrasound  to measure his growth thus far. i love seeing him! Its also always reassuring to have the Dr check everything out and tell me he looks "Perfect".  Speaking of which, we went to a 4D place last sunday and got to see our little cutie pies face! Ill share a few pics in another post! These are too cute and too neat to miss!

Sleep: its the same. Its hard to put myself to bed when my mind starts racing with a thousand things i need to do (pay a bill, clean the dishes, make my husbands lunch, fold clothes, you name it).  And when my husband wakes up at 630am for school it wakes me up no matter how quiet he is and its so hard for me to fall back asleep.  I also wake up 2-3 times a night for bathroom trips depending on how tired i am or how much water i had right before bed (thats when i down a bottle or so to make sure im hitting 10-12 glasses a day).

Exercise: still doing moderate cardio 5 days a week and 1-2 days of light weights. This week i managed to get in all of my cardio and 2 days of weight training woohoo! Every time i finish a work out i am proud of myself. At 8 months i wasnt sure how i would hold up and some days are so hard to get started but i just tell myself "do what you can and be proud of yourself for how ever little or much it is" and i end up doing pretty well at the end of it.

UPdate: we finished our preparation for childbirth class this past wednesday! We did learn a lot and mostly took away tools for Coach (dad) to use to help the woman in labor (relaxation techniques like guided imagery and breathing tools). It was worth the money.  I feel a lot more ease going into this, especially knowing my husband is also so prepared and educated.  Next on the list, we start our infant safety class in two weeks!

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