Monday, May 13, 2013

30 Weeks Pregnant, Bump UPDATE

30 Weeks Pregnancy Update:

30 Week Baby bump

How far along: 30 weeks (and 3 days now) 7 1/2 months pregnant

Symptoms: A little acid reflux 2 days this week but not bad.  Definitely feeling more full after meals now.  My dad says im waddling now a little bit but no one else sees it? haha. Still not really any new swelling (i think i retained a little bit of water in my legs and hips in the beginning of the second trimester but nothing new). Its 102 degrees today so im hoping that if i stay inside and drink lots of water and continue to get some movement each day that i can ward of any real swelling (a common pregnancy complaint in the third trimester). 

Cravings: none.. Actually finding it more difficult to find something i want to eat. Eggs are still a turn off for me.

Sleep: Still difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Uncomfortable.

Exercise: Still keeping up my routine,  i did 5 days (4 days of cardio, 1 day of light weights) this week. Its getting difficult to get myself to the gym and to want to complete a full work out, so im taking it slow and modifying each week to how my body feels.  I've been doing lighter weights listening to my body and finding the bigger it gets the harder it is to do anything.

New this week: We had our first "Preparation for Birth" class on Wednesday last week.  It went really well. I'd say i knew 80% of it and my husband even knew a good portion of the information already as well.  We have two more classes and hoping thats when they talk about all the good stuff and show us breathing techniques etc.  Our baby showers these past two weeks have been so much fun and such a blessing feeling so much love being poured onto our little boy. It was great to see all of our friend and family and made this little boys coming so much more real. Our home is filled with baby stuff and i've already put most of it away and sorted it out into piles of what needs to go into storage, the clothes and blankets that need to be washed, and a pile of necessities that need to be put together and built before he arrives (stroller, car seat, swing, etc). 

Missing: nothing really

Wedding Rings On/Off:  On

Belly button in/out: Out

Dr visit: We went to the doctor today (monday) and the babys heart be is perfect, my uterus is measuring on time, but my weight hasnt really changed in 3 weeks so we are scheduled for an ultrasound at our next visit in 2 weeks just to see where the babies growth is..the Dr. was not concerned but just wants to be on the safe side.  I read online that alot of women plateau for a bit from 30-31 weeks and dont gain and then start to gain again once the baby starts to go through its last growth spurt.   I wanted to do a 3 D ultrasound this week but not sure when we will get any time! My hubby has been so busy with school and work but we are determined to do one.  Results came back from our glucose test and I have nothing to worry about, also found out im not anemic. YAY!

Babys progress: He is now 3-4 lbs, 15.7 inches! He is the size of a head of cabbage.  He is surrounded by a pint and a half of amniotic fluid, that volume will derease the bigger he gets as he takes up more room in my uterus.

My mood: My mood has been pretty normal, good lately! No mood swings this week (:

Weight gain: 17 lbs.  Weight gain has slowed a i mentioned above. I was gaining a little less than a lb a week in the second trimester pretty consistently but it seems to have slowed the past few weeks that i've begun the third trimester. I never expected that to happen, since everyone i know told me you gain the most in the latter part of the 2nd and the 3rd trimester.  I guess everyone is different. We will see in  weeks how he is growing (: CANT WAIT TO SEE HIM!

Looking forward to: our next dr.'s visit. I look forward to hearing his little heart beat, being able to ask questions, and being reassured he is growing at a healthy rate.  I also look forward to our classes this week on Wednesday and what more we will learn!

I cannot believe i've hit 30 weeks! I never thought this day would come. Its been a long haul but such a beautiful one! Its going to be surreal when we finally meet this little boy my bodies done all this hard work and changing for.  Our whole lives are going to change. And it will be so weird not having him inside my womb anymore and not being pregnant.. people have continuously told me to "enjoy it now because i will miss it" and i never believe them, but im starting to really become attached to his little movements and the connection we have, there will probably come a time when i really do miss this baby belly and being pregnant.

Later this week ill post on our baby shower.. also im waiting for my sis to send me more maternity photos to share with you all!

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