Saturday, May 18, 2013

31 Weeks Pregnant Update

31 Weeks Pregnancy Update:

How far along: 31 Weeks (almost 8 months!)

Weight: i think im still around 17-18 lbs gained ( i havent stepped on the scale since 30 wks and 4 days and i was at 17.2 lbs gained..that was 4 days ago so im guessing its gone up)

Symptoms: Frequent bathroom trips even more so, babies head is right on my bladder! Still having annoying heaviness in my right leg when i work out or sometimes even just from walking or going up stairs.  Braxton hicks allllllll thhhheee tiiiiimme. I guess thats just my weird uterus (:

Cravings: nothing new really

Movement: hes been SOOO active this week. He hasn't stopped moving these past few days, its like he never sleeps! Or his sleep cycle is shorter and hes awake more often now.  My nurse told me id feel less movement (less kicks) and more random rolling around as he gets more cramped in the belly as he grows bigger and bigger.  He'll have less space to move around so she warned me not to be worried if his movement slows a bit. That has yet to happen (:  His movements are starting to hurt a little and are frequently uncomfortable. Its really crazy to watch him move from the outside of my tummy, we can certainly feel little feet sticking out and his butt..its been fun to try to figure out what different body parts are.

Exercise: I havent exercised in a couple days because I AM SICK AGAIN! (third time being sick during this pregnancy and second time in this past month!).. my husbands long hours at work and school are causing him to feel warn down and thus he is getting sick repeatedly and keeps passing it along to me.. not. fun. at. all.!   This week i did light light weights (getting lighter and lighter the bigger this belly gets) one day this week, and did mild cardio  4 days.  I can still breathe and havent had any trouble breathing while working out (ppl say this tends to happen as your lung get more and more cramped in there).

Feeling: Im feeling great aside from being sick. I havent had any emotional moments lately, i feel pretty stable and happy. Im so so so eager to get everything ready for him as much as i can, and so excited to meet him!

Excited for: 4D ultrasound TOMORROW!!! stay tuned for a post on his cute little face... we havent had an ultrasound since week 21 .. when our US technician surprised us with a quick sneak of a 4D glimpse of his precious face.. i cried, so i know im going to be a hot mess tomorrow! He will actually have some fat on his little cheeks and his face will have matured so much since then! Im so so so eager to see if we can tell what hes going to look like..we are praying for a great picture and that he is in a good position!

Babys progress: Hes around 4 lbs and 16-18 inches! Hes the size of a cabbage or 4 navel oranges side by side. He's now processing information, tracking light, and perceiving signals from all five senses. He's also putting in longer stretches of sleep, which is why most moms start noticing more defined patterns of wakefulness (and movement) and rest (when he’s pretty still).

Missing: nothing really... i've actually really loved being pregnant this past trimester and the start of the third. Feeling really good and really thankful!

Additional update: We went to our second Birthing class this past wednesday and learned some new breathing techniques, watched a couple videos (O M Gsh.. i have watched plenty of births both live and on video and i must say, they truly picked some of the worst labor and delivery videos they could have possibly chosen..poor hubbies).  We learned different positions to labor in and talked all about natural methods, epidurals, and narcotic shot options.. The class made me really on the fence about getting an epidural. Id say before this class i was 80% sure id get one, but i did want to wait as long as i could without getting it so Labor could progress naturally and much more quickly then it tends to once you get the epidural (so ive heard/experience w family).  Now im thinking i would like to try to do without one.. i know i will most likely change my mind and could be one of those women screaming at 2cm dilated, "GET ME THE EPIDURAL AND SOME IMMEDIATE RELIEF ASAP!!!!!". But we will just see how it goes, ill take it one contraction at a time.  The most discouraging information i learned about epidurals is that they can lower the moms blood pressure, thus resulting in the babies heart rate dropping, and risking a potential emergency C-section. Id like to birth vaginally, so ill do whatever i can to not have to go through getting a c-section, and i want whats best for our little boy.  I guess im just leaving it up to how i feel the day of.  (: Im not going to stress it

Wedding rings: On

Belly Button: OUT

Clothing: mostly wearing just comfy dresses and maxi skirts or leggings. .. its too hot for jeans. Not really wearing anything maternity and havent botten anything in a long time. My shirts are definitely much shorter this week so i may need to invest in a couple longer ones that wont show my belly but that i can wear after pregnancy as well.

60 days or less left!!!! We have 6-9 weeks until he could be here. Im full term in 6 weeks and due in 9!

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