Saturday, May 4, 2013

29 Weeks Pregnant Update

29 Weeks Pregnancy Update:

Belly shot

 Pregnancy Progression: 9 weeks, 19 weeks, and 29 weeks... cant wait to see what it looks like at 39 weeks! Amazing what our bodies are capable of isnt it?! I am loving this time, seeing my belly actually look pregnant is seriously surreal. I glance at pictures and I cant even believe its me and that theres a baby in there! This is such an incredible moment in my life, I hope I never forget how this feels.

And just a cute little shot of our little girl.. she is so excited to meet her brother so soon! This precious little kitty is smitten with this belly! This was taken this week after I woke up and found her cuddling with me (which she does every morning). Shes the sweetest!

How far along: 29 weeks, (7 months pregnant and 1 week)

Weight gain: almost 17 lbs (it fluctuates between 16 and 17 recently)

How many weeks to go: 8 weeks until full term, 11 weeks until due date (76 days from today!)

Due date: July 19th 2013

Symptoms: Well, I dont know if its just been a crazy stressful week or if its this third trimester finally hitting me, but ive been so so much more tired this week. Its been so hard to get myself to work out (i skipped a couple days in there) but i've been managing to at least get in a little activity and push myself even though i dont feel like going to the gym much.  A couple days i had a little acid reflux late at night after i had ice cream, i think my belly is finally getting to the stage where im going to be getting full quickly and have to look out for that dreaded heart burn! ugh! Leg has that numb heavy feeling once in a while during exercise or sometimes even when im walking. 

New updates: its getting difficult to bend over but I can still do it, it just feels weird now.  My shirts are all getting pretty short (its hilarious when i still wear them to the gym haha).  I am committing to hopefully not buying any more maternity clothes because i only have 11 weeks or less left.  I am definitely getting the itch to start nesting! Oh and i tried on my pre prego pants and they all still fit and i can button them again (baby moved up a little), although they fit i  am most certainly not wearing them because they are not comfortable when i sit as well as its been SO HOT lately! I just want to be able to remember that i was still able to fit in them at this point so i can compare with our next pregnancy in the future. Thats part of the fun of keeping track of all of this stuff, it will be so neat to see the differences with our next baby!

Cravings: not really anything this week..i've actually been having a difficult time finding things that i want to eat, not that i dont have an appetite or that im not hungry, just not desiring anything specific lately.

Adversions: Im not really grossed out by any food anymore like the first trimester but i still cant eat eggs (for like a month or two now) I think its because i ate them for a few weeks almost every morning and i just got sick of them.

Looking forward to: BABY SHOWER!! I have my first baby shower TOMORROW that my mother in law is hosting, i cannnnot wait! And then this wednesday we have our first labor and delivery birthing class.  Next saturday we have our second baby shower that my mama is throwing us.  I am so so excited to start nesting and cleaning and finding a place in our home for all of his stuff! Oh and the 3D ultrasound we will probably do next weekend!

Missing: being able to sleep like a normal person. Having easier work outs. Summer clothes that i cant wear right now.  Cold weather (its been like 100 degrees these past few days.. really hoping i dont swell, ive managed to stay away from any real swelling so far.

Wedding Rings On/Off:  On, still lose actually

Belly button: OUT.. its so cute and funny looking now

Baby: He is the size of a butternut squash, around 3+ lbs, 17 inches long! 

Feeling: im feeling really great! Im really enjoying this season of life. I havent had any real complications during this pregnancy and cant complain about how its going so far. I thank GOD that my nausea only lasted 15 weeks and that ive been healthy and happy. THis is just the best gift and such a blessing and im really enjoying it right now (i hope i can say this in a few weeks when i cant see my feet, lol).  I just feel really thankful and im so so excited to have our baby boy with us for the rest of our lives together. I cant even wrap my head around it! 

Movement: hes not as wild as he was weeks ago, hes slowed down a bit, especially during the day. Sometimes i get nervous thinking to myself "why is he not moving as much" but i guess its normal as the run out of room in there. He moves mostly at night and i feel low low deep little pokes in my pelvic area at work or while im sitting driving sometimes.  But mostly feeling him while laying down watchin tv at night or in bed.

Sleep: Same, its hard to fall asleep, i wake up 2-3 times for bathroom breaks, and its difficult to fall back asleep and get comfortable or shut my mind off in the morning when i wake up too early. My body must be preparing me for this little boy and his nursing schedule.

Exercise: doing the same thing, cardio, light weights (only got to do weights once this week...aiming for two times a week but this week was a tough exhausting one). Im proud ive been able to maintain my activity level at this stage, it feels good to keep my blood circulating and moving my body. I feel like Im not as fragile as people make pregnant women seem like, it feels empowering..i feel strong and yet feminine. 

HAve a great week! I'll be 30 weeks next week, home stretch, cannot believe it!

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