Tuesday, June 4, 2013

4D Ultrasound

31 Weeks Pregnant: 4D Ultrasound

Heres a short clip of sort of what it looks like in 4D to see them moving around. Here is our little boy trying to eat his own umbilical cord. Haha. (we didnt add in the cheesy music, that just comes with the dvd 'Picture An Angel' gives you)

I couldn't believe we got to see his little face!!!! This was a few weeks ago now but it still amazes me and I still look at his pictures almost every single day. I cannot wait to meet you my precious little boy! I highly recommend you getting a 4d ultrasound if you are contemplating it. It helped my husband and family members to bond with the cute little man growing inside my belly. It was so sweet to see him in action and definitely made my hubby and I fall even more in love with him! He is just the most precious thing I have ever seen and I cannot believe he is all ours and will be here so soon! 

Count down:
3 1/2 weeks til im full term!
6 1/2 weeks until im due! 

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  1. I came here earlier today for a 3D/4D ultrasound to see my little boy. My husband's birthday is next week so I wanted to do something special since he already has everything. Upon arrival I was greeted by Jennifer who announced that she would be my technician today. The office is small and really comfy and cute. It has a TV, along with books and toys to keep little kids entertained. I filled out a short form and was on my way into the ultrasound room. The room itself was big, and had a couch that was faced towards the monitor in case you wanted to bring friends and family along. The room is dimly lit and they even play lullaby music during your session. Very cute! My session lasted for about 20 mins and we were able to get some good pictures of my little prince, despite him not wanted to cooporate with us very much! Jennifer was very patient and tried to get as many shots as possible. All in all, great experience today and will definitely recommend this place to all my preggo friends!
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