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Everyday Makeup Essentials

Everyday Makeup Essentials

photo cred: Kelsey Steindler Photography. Here im wearing alot of the products i listed.

My Go To's:

I have had a few of you ask my about what mascara i use, concealer etc. so I thought i'd do a quick post on some of my favorite every day products.  The question I am asked most often is about my mascara.. I have used the same mascara for 13 years now (they've changed the bottle a few times but its the same mascara).  I have tried multiple kinds and nothing compares to this mascara (we're talking lancome, mac, clinique etc and still this drug store mascara takes the cake).. its called Volume by Maybelline (click the link to see the exact one, as maybelline has quiet a few different selections)

I also get asked about what time of lipstick I use.. as mine always stays on for multiple hours and doesn't fade away. I use more of a tint than anything and i layer it with chapstick. I've been using this for years as well. Its called Revlon color stay (you can click the link below to view the different options for colors.. i use premium pink). I just do a tiny dab (tear drop size) on my finger or lower lip and use the tip of my finger to blend it into both lips. You dont need much, this stuff goes a long ways.  It stays on for hours, you can eat, kiss, work out, and this tint will give your lips a nice touch of color. I put strawberry 'chapstick' on top to make sure my lips stay moist. Ive tried a ton of different color stay products for lipsticks and all of them either clump or come off right away or in pieces.. this doesn't do that, it goes on smooth and the chapstick is the perfect touch. I get a lot of compliments on this chapstick because its not the typical cherry flavored chapstick, its strawberry and harder to find (it sort of smells like cotton candy people say, they can smell it when i put it on even from a distance) I think its delicious.

I use Mac studio fix powder (NC 30 is my current color.. when i am not tan) its linked below.   I'll use this every day after putting on Olay face lotion (the one below).  On weekends if we go out somewhere i'll sometimes put on concealer (my favorite is below.. colorstay revlon) its not too thick but covers blemishes well.  For extra special occasions i'll use Revlon Colorstay foundation (it doesn't crease and they have a pretty good selection of colors).  
My drug store blush and bronzers are both a matte finish (its more natural this way.. i use True Match powder W6 for bronzer, and True Match blush W5-6 for blush). 
Mac's highlighter listed below (strobe liquid) is a good one i use for nights out.

Maybelline Mascara · Revlon Eyeliner · L'Oreal Eyeliner

 I put some of my simple everyday eye shadows above (always stick with neutral colors for day time).  My go to eye shadows from Mac are not below but are similar to the revlon colors i posted  (i use mac Sheeth (blend in the crease with lancome brown), Mac "Jest" to highlight under brows and  on eye lid,  satin taupe (my favorite), and mac 'All that glitters' all over the lower lid

I really like Loreal carbon black pencil for every day eyeliner. You can smudge it so its less harsh looking and smear some eyeshadow on top.  It stays on all day and never ends up below my eye like some of the other ones i've tried.  For a more dramatic effect on nights when we go out ill sometimes use liquid liner, above is a newer one i've been using for the past 6 months or so & i really like it. Its easy to use & gives a straight line for that sexy cat eye. For a good inexpensive red lip i go with Maybelline Ruby star (has a bit of sparkle to it) or Loreal Refined Ruby (matte no sparkle).

Lastly, for everyday use: my night time routine is to wash all this off with the Olay face wash i listed above. I have used Olay face wash and lotion for so long, i love it and have nothing but praise for this drugstore find.  Before putting on face lotion at night ill use Clean & Clear astringent (i stick with this one because i like the way it smells after, it leaves a sweet smell verses an alcohol smell).

There you have it, some of my favorite & long lasting products. Enjoy!

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