Friday, August 2, 2013

Welcome to the world

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Introducing the newest addition to our family:

Cash Denham Armstrong

 Born 7/21/13 at 12:03am weighing 7.4 lbs, measured 18.5 inches (found out later at his first dr's visit that he was 20.1 inches..he must have been tensed up they said). This was taken a few hours after he was born.

 Taken the morning after he was born

2nd day at the hospital with mama 

After I finally had some pain relief (got the epidural right before they broke my water)

 First time meeting our son, such a special moment. I was instantly in awe and so in love.

Day 3 or 4 of being in the hospital, desperately wanting to take our son home.. ill share more about why we stayed longer in my labor and delivery story post

 Right after he was born (minutes old with his little cone head and swollen face) still adorable as ever!

His little announcement pic on instagram

 1 day old, cutest little thing ive ever laid eyes on

 Sleeping on daddys chest, 1 day old

About 8-9 cm dilated here, waiting for him to come down before I started pushing

8-9 cm dilated trying to get some rest since i had been in labor for several days and had no sleep

Labor and delivery story next!

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