Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our Baby Boy is 1 Year Old!

Our Baby Boy Is 1 Year Old

Well, I have thought about this post since the day he turned 1 week old.  Every month I do these sweet updates on our sweet boy & I would think about the day we came to him being one year old.  Now that we're here, I still don't know how to feel. I just can't believe a year of life has gone by with this incredible miracle we get to call our son. It blows my mind, but at the same time it really feels like we have had him here with us forever. I dont remember life without him, just like my husband, I dont recall what life was like not being with him.  I guess thats what happens when your dreams come true, you're so busy living out this incredible experience that you forget about life without those people because it doesn't even come close to how amazing life is with them in it.  
Cash looks the same to me as he did a week ago, when he was 11 months old, he acts the same, and i think thats why its so hard for my brain to process that hes one, because nothing has realy changed... just a number.  Hes still my little baby, hes still dependent on me, he's still a mamas boy and not going anywhere any time soon.  I think i'll really grieve HARD when he looks like a little boy and doesnt need me as much.  For now, I really have enjoyed watching him grow. He is so much fun everyday, doing things to make us laugh, he really wants us to smile and be in it with im, which just kills me. We have a relationship that goes deep,  I was trying to explain this last month in his 11 month old update. When they're just newborns they can't look up at you the way they do when they're older, they cant give you those flirty eyes and smirk/smile at you to try to get you to laugh, they cant crawl or walk right up to you in your lap and give you snuggles and love, they can't call you by your name, or reach out to touch your face with their velvet soft little hands, they dont have a favorite book that excites them to the poin they're panting, they don't look you straight in the eyes and get chya right in your soul & make your knees weak. Those are the things that I adore and cherish that help me stay focused on the here and now, instead of being sad hes growing up.  He's gone from being a tiny delicious little blob that can't do much but smell yummy and look cute, to a little person who knows how to show love, who experiences joy, who explores and has a curiousity for Gods creation.. theres just nothing like it. This is my favorite stage right here, right now. So instead of a sad sob story, I am celebrating that my little one is ONE. I look forward to watching him continue to develop into this person God created him to be, and i know we will have more little blob babies that dont move for awhile, so maybe that makes the fact that hes growing up easier. Knowing i get to do this all over again, it gives me peace. I cant wait to see where life takes us, what God has in store for us this next year as a family of three.

Now for some milestones for the memory book: Hes standing on his own now, however when he notices he is he will sit down immediately haha, he says "mama", "dada", "nana",  and "bite", he walks everywhere with his walker or holding onto us but wont walk on his own just yet, he is still at two 1.5 hour naps a day and sleeping 12 hours through the night, his favorite food is avocado but he also loves hummus, chicken and yogurt, he is down to 3 nursing sessions a day (next week we'll go down to just 2 if hes doing well) and drinking organic whole milk or almond milk, he chats all day long and says things on repeat that we dont understand but he seems to think they're words, he is still super calm and a really easy baby, hes the most curious little guy and wants to watch everything around him before he engages in a new environment, his new thing is driving the car in the front seat (when its parked) i can barely walk by the car without him trying to leap out of my arms for the steering wheel! Hes definitely still a mamas boy, we still battle separation anxiety when i leave him with other people (other than his daddy) but we have gotten better.  He LOVES the swings, he LOVEs water, he LOVES standing, and he always climbs all over me.  His favorite movie right now is Robin Hood, even though he watches only 15 minutes or so of it and then hes over it. He also likes the show Little Einsteins.  

Thank you sweet little baby boy for giving us the best year of our lives.

*Cash's birthday party post will be coming soon! Stay tuned.

^^^these cousins kill me!^^^

^^^Splash pad & baby pool fun^^^

^^^little beach baby^^^

^^^UGH! There is nothing like him!!^^^

 ^^^My besties and our babies^^^

^^^One of the best moments of my entire life, the first time i held and saw our little boy^^^

^^^Hi mama^^^

^^^Birthday bagels and balloons^^^

^^^Binky hoarder, this kid sleeps with one in his mouth and one in each hand! HA!^^^

^^^I spy a litte lover boy obsessed with his mama..oh cashy, im just as smitten with you^^^

 ^^^Shoe shopping^^^

^^^After the beach, look at that sweet wet boy^^^

 ^^^Feeding the coy fish^^^

^^^one of my new favorites^^^

Happy Birthday, you own our hearts.


  1. Just came across your blog. Happy bday to your little man. My son is turning two so I all happens so fast!

    1. i just saw this love! Thank you so much!! it really does fly by! So nice to have you here sweets & hope you stick around xoxo