Monday, July 28, 2014

What We Wear: Lucky Palm Tree + 30% OFF Coupon!

What We Wear: Lucky Palm Tree

Its my birthday today!! I am so grateful for another year of life, God has truly blessed this last year of life with our sweet baby boy & I honestly could not have had a more beautiful year. I look so forward to what He has in store for myself and my family this year, I can hardly wait to see how He uses us, where He directs us and the journey that awaits us.  

I have been waiting to share this adorable little zebra oufit by Lucky Palm Tree with you all! Its all organic and baby safe, which you know I LOVE, so incredibly soft, and too cute for words! Enjoy!!

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Leggings, onesie, & bib c/o Lucky Palm Tree

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  1. Hey Tessa- I'm about 20 weeks along and have stumbled across your blog and I adore it. (I may or may not have stolen you pregnancy updates list to use in my own blog) I was just curious about your photos- do you take them yourself? They are stunning, and your son is a great model! I was looking at investing in a good camera for when the baby is born. If you have any insight, I would love to hear it. Good luck in everything you do!

    1. HI sweet girl, congratulations!!! How fun, i am so happy i did that because its so wonderful to be able to look back and keep that journal forever. I would be curious to compare with our next pregnancy as well! I do take all the photos myself, nothing crazy just using my Canan Tx camera (: He is an easy baby to photograph, he loves the camera! Yes, definitely invest in something because you will be taking a tooooon of photos!! TRUST ME! Good luck and God bless you love. If you need anything else you just let me know!