Friday, July 11, 2014

Our Baby Boy is 11 Months Old

Our Baby Boy Is 11 Months Old:

I'm a couple weeks late on updating on my sweet boy but better late than never, these posts are my favorite because i'll be able to look back at this online journal and relive these moments and memories throughout time.  11 months is such a great age, the older he gets the deeper our relationship goes, not only do I know his every cry, laugh, smile, mood, movement, want and need, but he knows mine. Its surreal to see all that hes aware of now, he understands me, he knows when im trying to get him to smile or surprise him, he knows the songs we sing together, he knows our routine, he is aware of his environment and all thats going on. It just makes me so proud to think of the little boy hes becoming, hes still a baby in every sense of the word, but hes also becoming a little boy slowly but surely.  I always thought i would want to keep him small, a tiny baby forever, but every month gets more and more fun, hes my little best friend that i get to play with and giggle with all day long, we have jokes & things we enjoy together, we just get each other and having that special bond with him where he recognizes im his mama and chooses to love me, its the most incredible magical feeling in the entire world.  He makes me feel like im floating. 

On to the fun part, Cash's 11 month milestones & tid bits I want to store in my memory forever:
This doll is walking w assistance, he can stand on his own but is scared to so he'll sit down once he realizes i've let go of his hands, gliding across furniture, dancing, waving hi & bye, doing hi five, gives real kisses, says mama & dada, prefers standing (always), loves to play w other kids, laughs hysterically, chats up a storm, eats big people food like a champ, sleeping through the night like & still doing two long naps a day, he's still a water baby & loves the ocean & his mama is his favorite & I've got no problem with that. We love u little scumble bee.


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