Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Is This Blog For & Talking About Healing

What Is This Blog For & Talking About Healing

I have this space here to store our memories, to keep me accountable to journaling and keeping a record of our life, i also share here because I believe its what God calls us to do, to live our lives honestly and openly, sharing our testimony, our story with others so we can relate to one another, join in on this journey with one another and know that we are not alone. Life is not easy, we live in a fallen world so we need each other more than we'll admit sometimes. I am so grateful for a place I feel safe enough to pour my heart out, obviously there are some things i dont share, some things maybe too personal or i feel I need to protect my family or friends in certain areas, but for the most part i try to be really trasparent. I TRY is the key word here.  It doesn't necessarily come natural to me to be so vulnerable and exposed. I grew up thinking I had to be perfect to be loved by someone, that if i showed my flaws or people saw the parts of me that I thought weren't "good enough" that maybe they wouldn't like me as much. I didn't know that this was a lie i was believing, i didn't even know i was thinking this way.. it was subconcious.  It wasn't until I was older that i learned that i had believed that lie for so long and let it shape most of my relationships. I thought i was open with people and one day it came to my attention that a lot of what I shared was what I felt safe sharing but what i needed to share with my close circle was what i needed prayer over, areas where i needed to lean on someone and needed their support or guidance.  How can you really ever be known and feel close to people if no one really knows your heart, your wondedness, the deepest thoughts and troubles that are on your mind? You can't. 

I am so thankful God has revealed this place in my heart that needed healing, and i am so very grateful that i have been restored and I no longer believe those same lies. I didn't come here to even write about this, it just sort of came out when i began typing.  Sometimes i have to remind myself of what im doing here. What this space is about for me. I want it to be an honest space, one where people can ask questions, share their own feelings and thoughts, and be kind to each other... a space where people feel understoond, heard, and connected. It is my hope that you feel as though you are not alone when you come to this blog of mine. With all of the busy-ness in life right now and over the past few months, I have asked myself what can give? Where do i have room to eliminate something?  I asked myself if I feel called to blog, why i blog?  I suppose thats what got me writing this post.  I know why I blog, I know its purposeful, your emails touch my heart so deeply and i have met some incredible women from this online community that i wouldn't trade for the world. Your friendships mean so much to me. I know how healing it is for me to practice hummility and be transparent here.  So questions like the ones i asked myself above are a great reminder for me to focus on listening to what Jesus puts on my heart to share here. This isn't mine, this is His. I want to remember that each time I share something with you.

I just wanted you to know my heart i suppose. And that im grateful for you.

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  1. thank you for sharing. so many times I think "who am i helping if i share my hurt" but really when we only share the good in our lives and frame it up as perfect, it really could be hurting people. people who actually think that there are people with perfect lives, & not understanding why theirs isn't. thank you for being authentic.

    1. I love this perspective!!! Im so glad you are on the same page. I completely agree, thanks for sharing Canon <3