Thursday, September 29, 2011

Side by Side

He leaned over and gently let the postcard fall into my hand. I eagerly rushed to bring it to my eyes and see what was there. It read:
"I love you
In you hat...
I love you for your beautiful soul
I love you because you wake me up for church
I love you because its "Taylor Gang or Die"
I love you because your my soul mate
I love you because you put the music in my heart, you are the soundtrack to my day, I love you in every way!!".
(His words written on a blank church postcard, bordered with the script, "...encourage one another daily..." Hebrews 3:13)
It was one of those normal Sunday mornings where you can always find the two of us side by side, sitting in church. You know those sort of spontaneous thoughts that flood your mind and make you think about how wonderful that person is next to you? That moment when you turn and see them listening intently to the sermon and you realized how you love that stare and that brain that soaks up information like a sponge. This is how I picture what's going on inside his head when he thinks to himself, "I love her", "I love her because...","I should tell her".  Okay, so maybe just maybe it doesn't go the way this way, the way I dream it went or the way it suddenly pops up in my own mind and makes me feel giddy and eager to spill my guts to him.. HOWEVER, who cares what sparked the thought, his words simply fill my heart to the brim.
I know him well, so well that I know when he does special little things to reveal his love like this, he's doing it because he knows what it means to me, better yet, he knows how much it means to me. I've always heard people say, "its the thought that counts". And it really is. He must have thought, "I love her..and I should tell her because I know she'd love to hear it, and because she'd love to hear it, she'd be happy, and when she's happy, I'm happy because I love her". So, like I mentioned before, maybe his thoughts didn't go exactly this way but I think subconsciously there's a quick but detailed process that occurs and gives us an idea. And that idea is what's so special. 

I have been thinking, I wonder how long it would take for me to write every adoring reason I love him? Don't worry, you didn't get suckered into reading a 10 x 10 FOOT novel. I'm not going to write out every reason because at least 3/4's of the reasons I love him I could never put into words perfect enough or detailed enough to fully express what I truly feel. So I will simply share a few of the reasons why I love him today:
I love...
How you drool when you sleep, it gives off a very innocent look and reminds me of how you must have been as a little boy.
How you pull me close when we are both in REM sleep, I don't know how you do it or if its possible but you do.
How you ask to play with my hair...who asks to do someone a service? Its usually asked for. And I love it.
How in the morning you have no ability to be serious.
How you have a new adorable and silly name to call me every day, sometimes every hour.
How you always get food on your face.. or on your clothes. 
How you do things that I would normally think are disturbing or gross, but since its you, it just makes me giggle.
How your vocabulary is abnormal and ridiculous.
How you love music and love sharing it with others.
How you treat me sweet, every waking hour.
How you desire to always protect me and you always stand by my side.
Your HUGE heart for God.
Your BIG heart for your family, me, and my family.
Your COMPASSIONATE heart for others. 
How you are so kind and tender and sensitive.
How you listen and how you always give the right suggestions.
How you are encouraging and supportive no matter what my little butt is getting into.
How you make me smile all throughout the day with memories of you that you've left behind stored in my brain bank.
How you fill me with love and joy with texts all day long.
How you share your faith with others and especially with me.
How you love to pray with me morning and night.
How you take pride in bettering yourself daily.
How you are always so willing to work on yourself if you think there is something that needs change.
How you know your life's purpose.
How you care so much for me.
How you are attentive and gentle with me and my feelings.
How you know me SO well, more than anyone else.
How you can calm me, speak truth into me, and keep me grounded.
How you motivate me to better myself.
How you try to be healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually one day at a time.
How you cherish every minute we spend together.
How you help me to not get ahead of myself.
How we share each others dreams and dream new ones up together on the daily.
How you aren't afraid to be honest, open, and transparent.
How you are vulnerable and intimate with me in the most purest form.
How you are considerate of myself and others more than I've ever experienced.
Your humor and your ability to always make my abs hurt with laughter.
How you are easy going and a go-with-the-flow-type-of-guy.
How you are understanding.
How you are courteous.
How you help others, at times even ahead of yourself.
How you have shown me the greatest blessing and gift of love.
How you share everything with me, especially your life.
That you are my own personal angel that God sent, to spend our lives together, being voyagers, journeying side by side.

Thank you for the constant reminder every day that I open my devotional and see that postcard, I know your love, I appreciate our love, and I thank Jesus for this gift.


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