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Baby Must Haves: For First & Second Babys

My baby must haves for first and second babys!

Ergo, Fisher-Price, Aden Anais, Pottery Barn Kids

My baby must haves for first and second babys!

I wanted to share with you ladies my list of  "must haves" for first but especially second babys or multiples. I always love hearing other moms opinions on products, especially the big ones like strollers, before purchasing or adding to my registry.  These are items I have tried before or have done a ton of "mom to mom" research on or borrowed from friends to see if I like them.  

So lets start from the top and move our way across from left to right. When you have a toddler to chase after, especially one under two years old, you need a good baby carrier that youre baby will be comfortable in and enjoy as well as one that wont kill your back (cough, my bjorn).  The Ergo 360 gives you the option to carry an infant and a toddler, they can face you or turn outwards (which by 4 months old thats all my little guy wanted to do so i know thats a must for us), it can also be worn as a backpack with a bigger toddler or baby on your back, a must for fun hikes!   Thats on my registry and I think its one of the biggest must haves for us.  The second baby carrier is the Solly baby wrap, its the best wrap by far.  I have tried several others and wasnt too big of a fan. I love wraps for when theyre itty bitty and you just want them wrapped around you constantly while cleaning or cooking or just walking around.  Theres something about a newborn wrapped up in a tiny bit of soft fabric hanging around your front that just feels right.  

Next up we have the swing, this is the swing we used with Cash and loved it (obviously a different color). It can go different speeds, has a mobile and plays different sounds.  We have heard good and bad things about the MamaRoo so we decided not to buy one, but our good friends said we can borrow theirs if our baby is fond of it. Sometimes swings are a baby to baby preference kind of thing.  

I added some Aiden + Anais burp cloths, towel, and their bamboo swaddle blankies because theyre the best!! If you havent tried them, you must!!  I also added the cute pottery barn critter towels that have little animal heads on them for the hoodie.. i just loved these on my first and would love one for my second in a girlier version.

The first video monitor is the one we currently have, we had a Summer video monitor and it broke twice, it never had service even when we were 10 feet away.. so we returned it. The store clerk told me they get the most returns for Summer and to get a Motorola video monitor so thats what we did and we have had no problems whatsoever.  We would like to have a split camera video monitor for both kids rooms so we can see both of them on one screen. It comes with two cameras and you can link up to 4 kids on one screen i believe. I think this is essential for when we go on vacations, or you have people babysitting them that want to check up on them, or they're sick and not sleeping well, or even for when we switch Cash into a big boy bed we'll want to see him and see what hes doing in his room after we leave and close the door, for a new baby its obviously a give in to be able to see them and make sure they're breathing and you can hear them when they wake for feedings (since we alll know how exhausted parents are of a new baby, hearing the monitor right next to my head was the only way i was waking up for those night feedings).  

Lets talk strollers.  I LOVE our Britax B-Ready so we are keeping it and getting the second seat adapter. Our britax B safe infant carseat snaps right into the stroller and can face either direction. Once they're around 4-5 months they can go in the big seat and snap either direction as well. The second seat sits behind/below the original seat but doesnt impair too much of the childs view.  I also wanted a side by side option in the jogger, we LOOOOOOVE our Bob single jogger, its so light weight, easy for walks and runs and also for the beach or disneyland, you barely can tell youre pushing anything.  My only complaint about all joggers is that they are required to be at a 70% incline which means the baby is somewhat reclined and cant ever sit all the way up to see everything around them.  THis is a safety feature to keep them sturdy and safe for running.  This is one of the main reasons i wouldnt have just the jogger as my only stroller option. I would also like to be able to only have a single stroller for when Cash is a little older and wants to walk rather than be put in his stroller, so thats what the Britax offers.  I also like how the britax isnt a side by side so its easily fit through doors and can be taken to restaurants and the mall without knocking people over lol.  So we've decided to do both options. For the BOb double Jogger we also wanted the infant adapter so we could stick our britax B safe infant carseat right in there, it comes with a snack tray for the other child sitting in the other seat.  I put the Britax Bsafe infant carseat up there too, we love love love ours and have so many friends with the same carseat that adore it as well, most importantly it has great safety reviews.

For my breast Pump I added to the list what i used for my first baby, i used this ALL THE TIME, i am a working mama a couple days a week so I knew i needed a double pump that would do a good job and be efficient.  I love this pump, you have the option of plugging into an outlet or if youre on the go you can use the battery pack and pump literally anywhere, in the car, in a restaurant, at the beach etc.  It also comes with a portable cooler with an icepack that lasts up to 24 hours i believe.  And several bottles come with it as well as all of the pieces you need to pump with and several extras.  All of this fits inside this cute discrete black purse (which is the pump motor itself).  FUnny story, i took my pump with me to Aspen Colorado  when Cash was 5 months (he came too) and i put it through the bag screening at the airport and they basically thought it was a bomb or something crazy. They pulled that thing apart and inspected it for at least 15 minutes, I had to explain to them that it was a pump implanted inside of the purse for breastfeeding...finally they believed me and let me go. HA! So if you're at the airport let them know in advance before you put it through.  (;

Next up, my black leather diaper bag! I love this diaper bag, it comes with so many great pockets, a mini clutch purse inside, a changing pad for on the go usage and it doesnt look like a diaper bag! I love that. My hubby can carry it and still looks manly and it has plenty of space for 2 kiddos.

I added a couple nursing bras, one for comfort when you're around your home or for when you sleep at night those first couple months, and then a second for every day out of the house use that doesnt look funky underneath clothes.

I hope this helps any of you that had questions about second baby must haves or on any of these products. IF you want to know anything else that I may have forgotten please ask away in the comments section. Also, if you have any other great items to add for us mamas please do so in the comments! And as always be sure to subscribe on the right with your email so i know who my followers are!! 



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