Monday, March 30, 2015

29 Weeks Pregnant: Update

  29 Weeks Pregnancy Update: Second Baby

How far along: 29 weeks pregnant (29.5 now)

Due date: June 11 2015

Weight Gain: 20 lbs. (I was at 17 lb with cash at this time, so i've gained 3 more, probably from less exercise than i did before without having a baby to watch all day, lol. My goal is to gain 30 or less, well see if that happens). As long as baby and i are staying healthy, bring on the pounds (;

Symptoms:  Still having lower back aches, mostly at night, i ask for a massage nightly and that seems to really help relax my back enough for me to fall asleep. I wake up in the morning and my back kills from sleeping on it (i roll onto unknowingly while im asleep, even with a pregnancy pillow). I find it so interesting that with this baby i havent really had a problem with waking up at night to use the restroom like i hear most mommies complain of and i certainly did multiple times a night with Cash.  I love feeling her move, it never gets old, even if sometimes her movements can be uncomfortable.  Im 7.5 months pregnant and feeling great still but starting to get really really tired again, no matter how much sleep i get.  My ap says baby is 3lbs this week and around 15 inches long. Its incredible to think about how big this little person is inside of me. Last night we went on a date night to the movies and i had a little sharp nerve pain in my lower back, so i know all those little aches and pains of the third trimester are creeping up on us as we approach being full term in 7.5 weeks! That looks far away but i know how quickly months go by around here so she'll be here before i know it.  I get tons of braxton hicks, which is not abnormal for me, i always had them with cash and they start around 16-18 weeks pregnant for me and continue all the way throughout.  I have a tiny bit of collostrum now, as of a week ago, which is a complete trip and made me feel the reality of how soon this little lady will be here nursing!

Cravings: Chocolate still. Chips with rock salt and lime and of course salsa. I love turkey sandwhiches (deli turkey), i have asked for a donut pretty much every couple weeks since my first trimester but have yet to cave and indulge in one. I mostly want one for dessert when its later in the afternoon or evening so its not that convenient of a craving lol. 

Wedding Rings: on and off. I can wear my engagement ring but not my bands because of this random pregnancy allergy im having to my rings.  So ive been taking them off and on.

Belly button: out, no question there!

Exercise:  Still 1-2 times a week, as much as our family schedule permits.

Sleep: sleep is ok, i wake up tired. Some nights ill wake up and cant fall back asleep for an hour.

Maternity Clothes: Yes rotating between maternity pieces and non maternity pieces.

Excited for: Finishing her room, maternity leave in 7 weeks, vacationing to Colorado in a week, and a staycation baby moon in May!

Missing: having options of clothes to wear.

^^^The 29 week bump at the beach this past week. We've had incredible weather here lately and im loving the sunshine on my skin and playing at the beach with our family and friends. ^^^

^^^And how cute is this sweet horse who was obsessed with giving my belly some love (yesterday visiting the 'horsies' with my hubs and our little man). ^^^

*this reminds me im due to post on life lately! too many things lined up to share with you all!

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