Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Baby Boy Clothes

 Spring Baby Boy Clothes:

Hey lovelies, Sorry to be away for so many days I had my baby shower last weekend, which i cant wait to do a full post on (you can see some photos i posted on instagram @tessaarmstrong8), and then we had 2 water leaks within 5 days!!! COMPLETELY UNRELATED leaks. It was a stressful week to say the least. The silver lining is the leaks were an easy fix and there is no permanent damage or anything that is going to be too crazy to repair. I also had the opportunity this week to share my testimony in front of an incredible group of women at MOPs at my home church on Thursday, it was nerve wracking initially but once i got up on stage and started sharing i was completely at peace and knew what I was sharing was glorifying our Lord and totally worth being vulnerable and exposed. Im so grateful for the opportunity and had a good week all in all despite the unfortunate surprises. I wanted to share a quick post on some of my boy spring picks! Some of which we have and some of which I just thought were super cute and couldnt resist sharing with you all. Have fun shopping around if you're in need of any baby boy or toddler boy clothes for spring! HAPPY SPRING LADIES!!

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