Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What We Wear: Lucky Palm Tree BOY & GIRL addition

What We Wear: Lucky Palm Tree Boy & Girl Addition

Hey ladies, we had QUITE the week last week as i previously mentioned in my last post and now running into this week, we had two water leaks last week and then realized Sunday evening that one of them wasnt completely fixed like we had thought. So back again came the plumber, for the third time. FUN TIMES..
We have now done all of the "fixing" for the leaks but now need to have our contractor do the repairs to the damaged dry wall, we basically have no ceiling in our downstairs bathroom and have 4-5 holes in our kitchen ceiling. It could be way worse and we are just so grateful the damage wasn't permanent or something we would've had to go through insurance with.   So hurray for being almost through with it all! On to more fun things (:
I'll be sharing our baby shower this week so keep an eye out for that and have so many posts planned for you guys. I am also due for a baby bump update, sharing a bit of life lately, and Cash is now 20 months old so i'd love to be able to get an update up for him as well because he is just too much fun right now and i want to remember every single detail! 
I had my first moment of reality hit me yesterday during nap time that im about to become a mommy to another human being. I had a flood of fear to tell you the truth. Fear that I wont be able to share myself with another person without giving Cash less of me on the daily. That just sounds like so much for him to handle, Im sure its all in my head and i am aware that I struggle with a ridiculous amount of irrational mom guilt, so im trying to keep that in mind and surrender my fear to God. I know that He chose this little girl to be Cashs sister just as much as He chose her to be my husband and I's daughter. I know once everyone adjusts all will be well in our home again and Cash will come to a place where he loves having another friend in the house every single day. I also get nervous for what life with two little people will look like. I have no idea what to expect. I have focused these past 7 months on the excitement and all the beautiful parts of being pregnant and welcoming another special little angel into our family so I think the reality of how hard it might be in the beginning is just now sinking in since we are less than 11 weeks away! I am so grateful beyond belief for a healthy baby girl, to be able to carry her to term and keep her safe. I can't thank Jesus enough for choosing me to be her & her brothers mommy. I just wanted to be honest about the other side of it, the real fear that some moms feel when adding a new baby to the home. No one knows what to expect so I guess most of us have waves of nerves when we think about the 'unkown'.  Heres to praying all is a smooth transition.

I would love tips from you ladies that have done this before! Please share in the comments!

Now on to this adorable post featuring Lucky Palm Tree organic baby and toddler clothing. We have worked along side of Lucky Palm Tree several times now since Cash was a teeny tiny baby and just cant get enough of all of their new patterns, especially those adorable girl outfits I didn't get to try out until now.  If you havent seen them before or have yet to see their new prints check them out (here)!

See previous Lucky Palm Tree posts with us here, and here.  These actually make me want to cry seeing how tiny he use to be!! Where did my little baby go??!

^^^CAshs new fake cry face. Kills me.  I am loving these toddler striped leggings, we have them in black and white, red and white, and see below the brown and black^^^
^^^He is such a ham!^^^ 

^^^This newborn outfit with that headband is too cute, i love the alligator print^^^

^^^Pink and white striped romper and matching headband for when shes a little older^^^

^^^I LOVE the vintage feel to this bow pink swaddle blankie and newborn knotted beanie, this might be one of the ones we'll have to bring in our hospital bag^^^

^^^I love black and white stripes, especially for little dainty baby girls. Paired with a long sleeve onesie with florals and kangaroos you cant go wrong!!^^^

^^^And heres my litte guy, hes ALL boy ALL day, he is such an explorer and adventure seeker. He always asks to be outside and notices the details in everything.  We love when hes in comfy clothes like these brown and black striped organic leggings by LPT^^^

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Dont forget to share your tips for welcoming a second baby into the home!!


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  1. Just ordered the brown and black pants for my little man and a blanket for a baby shower gift, LOVE everything! xo