Monday, October 12, 2015

Infant + Toddler Fall Fashion & Halloween Costume Picks!

Infant + Toddler Fall Fashion & Halloween Costume Picks! 


Hey guys, Im so glad you liked the makeup post as well as my fall picks post! I will try to do more of these more often instead of seasonally.  I wanted to share some of our favorite items for Fall for toddlers and babies. I always try to find sales, especially with Gap, so you can check out the deals i spotted below. And i also included some of the cutest little Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers, as well as threw in a couple in there for the older kids if they were too cute not to share.  I hope you like them if you're in search for an adorable or creative costume. 

**hit the arrow on the right to browse more.** I hope you like these picks..obviously i have a thing for babies in furry animal costumes. TOO CUTE! Also, i added in there the Avent binkys we use for both kids, alot of you guys have asked me over the years what binkys we like and which ones we use for Cash. I also shared our favorite Fall and Winter boots, the toddler Hunters! They are a must, especially if you live somewhere with snow or a lot of rain. My son loves his boots and asks to wear them even in the summer if we are watering/gardening, he looooves them (we started with size 4 ..they run super big, and now he is in size 7 i believe, and theyre big on him but he will grow into them for winter, we double layer socks when theyre too big, its better to get them bigger so they can wear them longer)! He also lives in his Nike's. Theyre my favorite for toddlers because they have more arch support than converse and vans, but those sure are cute too and we own a couple pairs of them as well. He loves the bright blue ones so much that he has a second pair in a bigger size now. I feel like we are always having to upgrade his shoes to a bigger size, this boys feet keep on growing like weeds! There are some super cute baby Gap jammies i added for Halloween in the above post as well..because whats cuter than festive jams! Especially matching sibling jammies. We live in cozies during the winter so of course i picked lots of cozy leggings and long sleeve shirts. Also, American Apparel makes great beanies for kiddos, the pink beanie link will show you they have all different colors.  Sleep sacs are a must for the cooler winter months for infants. So are uggs, and close toed baby shoes to keep their feet warm. Socks too!

I hope you guys enjoy your week and are having fun decorating for Halloween! We'll  be going to the Pumpkin patch next weekend, IF the weather cools down. Its been so dang hot im nervous to take Layla out when its 100 degrees and she'll need to nap in the wrap, so its even hotter! Gotta be careful in this heat with little ones.  So heres to hoping it cools down asap~!  Also, im on Snapchat now so add me for daily adventures with these little people, username: tessarayanne


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