Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Nordstrom's SALE, Yasss please

 Nordstrom's SALE, Yasss please

Im so glad so many of you will have a chance to try out Nume's curling wands, they will not disappoint! I'll have more coupon codes for you guys soon if you werent able to scoop one up this past week, the previous sale is over but there will be other opportunities so stay tuned.  For now, i wanted to share Nordstrom is having a sale, at first i went online to check out their Nike sale (which you can browse below, sooo good) but then i got caught up looking at all of the other items on sale, with those prices for quality items they're too good to pass up. Im a bargain shopper so i though i'd share the love!  Check out those Nordies prices!

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 Okay first lets talk active wear, everything i purchase from low end brands ends up falling apart. Nike and Lulu Lemon are where its at (: . I wear active wear daily running around chasing my littles, as well as for workouts 3 days a week (if im lucky), so a couple quality pieces are important for me if i want them to last a long time. I also love the bright colorful shirts, and usually pair them with a gray or black workout pant.  I threw in some boyfriend jeans, you really cant beat $39 for a good pair! That $13 wide brim hat is perfect for winter and fall and adds a lot of character to an outfit.  Loving those two long sleeves and the cardigan that hits right at the knee.  And i could live in those gray nike sweatpants, with a simple white tee or even a long sweater those would be so cute.

Happy Sales shopping!!

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