Thursday, October 8, 2015

Updated Makeup Favorites

Hi beauties, so many of you have asked about what products i've been using as of late on instagram and via email over the recent months. I havent dont an updated makeup post in a whiiiile so its about time i share some of my new favorites and those items that i've been loving for years and years. I've been a makeup lover since i was able to hold lipstick in my own hands...lets just say i could apply it without a mirror and no smudges at age 4 (says my mama) lol. I'm pretty much wearing makeup in every Christmas family photo that i was allowed to.  Its pretty funny!  i was a girly girl but also a tom boy. With that said, i have tried my fair share of makeup, but im always on the look out for items that you can purchase at the local drug store for reasonable prices, however some items you do have to splurge on if you want the same quality.  So here are my current favorites that i use weekly:

Lets start with face... i have used both olay facewash and sensitive lotion for years! I swear by it. Its gentle and an easy routine. I wash my face and lotion twice a day, once in the morning and at night when im getting ready for bed.  After putting lotion on i use Mac studio fix powder foundation. Its so easy and takes me 1 minute to apply and it gives an overall even coat but its not too thick and has just enough coverage. Its pretty much the easiest/quickest way to do your face makeup. I use liquid foundation for special occasians but my everyday, work, and weekend look is with Macs studio fix.  Next I recently purchases this contour and blush pallet and its supppper affordable and does the job.  OKAY, now that highlighter by Becca is a MUST, i have never ever tried a better highlighter.  Its pricey but so so worth it. I apply it to the bridge of my nose and on my cheekbones when i want that glow! I posted the sephora brush i love for blush and bronzer.  I am a huge fan of Anastasia dip brow, its literally the best for brows.. you need an angled brush so i posted the one i've been using above.  I also sometimes use their pencil.  I do Revlon skinny liquid liner for my cat eye on the weekends when i want to add some drama.  I love smashbox exposure pallet that ive been using for almost a year, i use mostly the matte colors.  I found this Milani lipstick at the local drug store and i use the color "matte naked" #61 and its my favorite lipstick ive ever tried... its afforable at just $5 and its SO good you guys.  I sometimes do a tint of revlons "Premium Pink" posted above and this stays on for hours... i just do a tiny dab and rub it all over with my finger because its bright if you apply it like normal lipstick, this will last you forever because youre just using a teeny tiny bit for a little tint..i even put the Matte Milani lipstick over it for a slightly more pink nude, thats been my favorite the past few months mixing the two.    Okay, and lastly i have used the same Maybelline Volume mascara since 7th grade people!! Thats a lifetime, but this is theeee only mascara that comes close (and i might even say better because its all natural, organic, vegan paraban and preservative free) and its by love love their mascara, ive been using it for a month and i am in love.  So there you have it ladies! You can order through my girl Kelly by shopping (here).  These are my current favorites and i swear by them!

I am dying to try Honest Beauties new line of natural organic products. If you ladies have any suggestions of makeup you love love love please share below in the comments section. Im always looking to try something new!

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  1. Hi Tessa! Can you post the link to the hair tutorial you did?