Saturday, October 3, 2015

Life Lately: Via My Camera Roll

Life Lately: Via My Camera Roll


^^^A Shake Shack day date with our babies^^^

Hey all! I havent posted in a while..which should tell you ladies that life lately has been a little busy! Life with two just gets busier by the day! Im back at work, but my girly decided on my first day back to not take the bottle any longer after taking it 1-2 times a week from 4 weeks until 14 weeks she decided to boycott it.  Any tips on that would be great!! Anyhow im working two nights a week after shes in bed, thankfully girlfriend set her own bed time for 6-6:20 and is usually almost asleep by the time i leave.  Its kind of a blessing in disguise because im not ready to leave her just yet so now i get to spend the day with both of my kiddos and leave right around their bedtime.   

I've been adjusting to her naps and wake time changing as well.  I have become a planner when it comes to leaving the house, i have to plan around when she'll need to nap (usually after 50 mins of wake time shes ready to go down) so i have to stay wherever i am once shes fallen asleep in the wrap for a least an hour so she gets a solid nap in. I know there are moms that just bring their baby wherever whenever and let them crash on their own once theyre to the point that they cant keep their eyes open any longer, and there are moms whos babys nap short naps here and there while driving and wake up when they arrive at their destination. But im not that mama. I just feel guilty keeping her awake when shes tired or making her wake up from a nap when she isnt ready to. I know sometimes i dont have a choice if we have to be somewhere or leave somewhere, but if i can ill always do whats in the best interest for my kiddos, even when thats inconvenience. Im seeing more and more that im probably not the mama whos cut out to have 4 kids, i think i would always  feel bad inside that my 4th was being neglected and getting the short end of the stick, lol.  But anyhow we are all different, there isnt a right way to do it.  I struggle with mom guilt on the daily so i know im probably not cut out for a huge tribe.  God created all of us moms with unique personalities and we parent differently based on that. Im someone who likes a schedule and having my kids be really great sleepers who can fall asleep in their cribs and take naps and have early bed times. I love knowing theyre well rested, that theyll sleep when someone else is babysitting them (because i work), and that their little bodies and brains are getting the sleep they need. I also enjoy the break!  Im all about giving them the love that they need and try my best daily to spend quality time with each of them together as a family of 4 as well as one on one.  Its hard work but to me its worth it. I life for my family, they are the reason i get up and do everything i do each day.  There was once a time when i did a lot for myself and put my needs first but the moment i became a wife and a mama is the moment God really taught be about unconditional love and selflessness.  The "me" time i once had is very minimal. I know its important but theres also a time and a place for it. Right now my babies are little and i soak up as much of these short years as i can.  Im all for going out on dates with my husband and girls nights etc, but its nice that i dont miss out on much with my kids because theyre asleep when we leave.   Now that my son is older he has a ton of fun hanging out at daycare at MOPS, going on play dates with his grandparents etc.  He truly is so loved by our families and we are so blessed that he has such a special close relationship with each of them.  I am thankful for a little break here and there during the day when hes off playing with them for a couple hours.  My little lady is only just about 4 months and as i mentioned doesnt take a bottle so she doesnt quite leave mamas side quite yet and im perfectly ok with that and prefer it when theyre so tiny and dependent on you.

Lately, we have been playing a ton with family since my sisters have tiny babies a month apart from layla and kids similar in age to my toddler Cash.  Its such a blessing and i dont take it for granted for a second that they live close and theyre my best friends.  A lot of my girlfriends have little kiddos similar in age as well so thats always fun when we get together.  

Im looking forward to coming out of the newborn phase and all the foggy sleepless nights here very soon! At least thats my hope. haha.  Layla usually does a 5-7 hour stretch at night frm 6/630pm to around 12ish.  After that its every 2-3 hours sometimes another 4 if im lucky that she'll wake to eat.  Then shes up for the day around 7/730 and takes 4 naps a day usually around an hour sometimes less sometimes more.  She eats every 2 hours on average (1.5-2.5) and is a good nurser.  She is the happiest smiliest little baby and we are so thankful we were gifted with her.  I look forward to the day that Cash and Layla can play and be best buddies, but for now ill snuggle her up close while shes little and immobile. lol.  

What else is new.... i guess we are just enjoying being a family of 4 and adjusting the past few months.  If you guys have any questions please let me know in the comments below.  Love you all and cant wait to share more of our new family member. (;

On another note, im grieving that its the end of Summer and Fall is on its way here (even though the hot weather is telling us otherwise).  

^^^This summer we had plenty of swim days at Nana and Papas house (my parents)^^^

^^^this guy doesnt really like veggies so we sneak them into daily juicing or smoothies. I usually add in Bolthouse Farms "green goddess" and carrot juice plus a handful of spinach, almond milk, ice, and strawberry/bananas.  He loves it! .... also those snuggles she gets from him are unreal.. he is suuuuuch a good brother!^^^

^^^we had our fair share of beach days! this guy loves when there are no waves. ^^^

^^^I could snuggle this angel all day every day for the rest of my life ^^^
^^^for you mamas with new babies and toddlers, finding ways to entertain them is Crucial for a lot more time indoors with a newborn when its 90-100 degrees outside.. so we made some fun ocean scenes with paper markers and his little animal creatures, and also spend time at the mall playing in all the cars/stores^^^

^^^We just celebrated our 3 year anniversary! I love my hubs so much, 3 years and 2 babies... we have been busy!^^^

^^^These cousins are too cute! Their second beach day together. My parents just bought a vacation/second home in Newport a couple houses from the beach, needless to say, you'll be seeing us there plenty in the months to come!^^^

^^^this guy is addicted to water, its his favorite thing to play with... so we created some make shift "Cuzzis" as he calls them this summer.  And a sweet date night at Sundried Tomato, highly recommended this restaurant!^^^

^^^This guys pretty much potty trained after 3 days! Look how cute those boxer briefs are!, im such a proud mama. He picked it up so quickly and it was pretty much all self directed. He was showing he was ready and just went on the toilet one day. So now we reinforce with treats (skittles, licorice) threw some underwear on and got rid of the diapers and that seemed to do the trick.

                          ......and lastly this sweet face to end this post (16 weeks here)!

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