Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Weekend Fun, Birthday Bash's & Pumpkin Pick'n

Weekend Fun, Birthday Bash's & Pumpkin Pick'n

Hey loves, I hope you're all enjoying this great Fall weather as much as we are over here! Im taking full advantage of wearing jeans and boots again & being outdoors as much as possible because its no longer blistering hot!!  Anywho, I have had a TON of questions about where i purchased my blouse i wore over the weekend and on Laylas little beanie she wore this morning. SO i figured i might as well do a little post on those items so you guys can quickly and easily find them.

We had a blast over the weekend celebrating our best friends little girl turning One! Its so bittersweet watching these babies grow up. On one hand you love seeing them hit their milestones and become little funny people with personalities but on the other hand you miss and grieve each baby stage they grow out of, like sucking their baby toes, cooing, and that yummy fresh newborn smell! GAH! i live for these sweet tender years, i just cannot even believe Layla is already 4.5 months old, this second kid thing sure does fly by!   We went to the pumpkin patch twice this past week, ill share photos from there later this week. And today we took the kids on a fun morning hike, if you follow me on snapchat (tessa_rayanne) im sure you have been seeing a little glimpse into our real life and my busy boy who is always wanting to explore and adventure, and i dont mind it one bit!

Anyhow, happy shopping & happy Fall!

The first blouse is the exact one i purchased and i actually shared it here a couple weeks ago when i ordered it online. Its $32 i mean, you cant beat that! Everyone needs a good pair of ripped skinnies and i just bought this pair of Ralph Lauren and i love them! They have the perfect amount of stretch to them. They actually fit me perfectly when i put them on and stretched out a little bit by the second time i wore them, so you could even go a size down if you wanted to and they'll stretch to fit you perfectly, or if you order true to size like i did they work just as well they'll just be a tiny bit of a looser fit on your 2nd or 3rd day of wearing them.  I couldnt find the boots i own because theyre a year old so i posted a couple budget friendly options for a tan ankle boot because everyone needs one, they go with evvvverything.  I hope you have fun! There are some other peasant blouse options i listed below as well because im in love with this look and could buy them all!

Also, Laylas gold bow headband is c/o Swirl On Top shop and you can find it here.

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