Wednesday, February 6, 2013

8 Weeks Pregnancy Update

8 Weeks

8 Weeks Pregnancy Update:

 How far along: 8 Weeks
Symtoms: Exhaustion. Headaches. Swollen boobs. My digestive system has slowed way down. I will save you from the details but its not fun on my tummy (which at night already looks 4 months pregnant because I get so bloated and full).  Nausea. Food adversions to everything still. Frequent urination (3 times a night). Difficulty feeling comfortable at night.  In bed until 3 or 4pm with nausea. 

Excited this week: We were going to our first Dr. visit and were going to get to see our little baby and hear its heart beat.  We also got to ask the Dr. all the questions we had been wondering about for the last month.  The baby was healthy and perfect, and our Dr. is the sweetest lady, I feel so thankful my sister found her.  

The Dr. asked me if I wanted a prescription for Zofran for the nausea (constipation being a side effect). I turned her offer down because I wanted to be all natural and do whats best for my baby. My dr. advised that if I was miserable enough to call her at any time for the medicine. She knows I am a working woman and that I had been out of work for a month due to the nausea. I ended up calling her 3 days after our dr. visit because I just couldn't do it anymore.  

Zofran:  MIRACLE drug. Saved me.  I could rave about this for so long.  I was able to eat foods I wasnt able to face for over a month. I was able to get out of bed in the morning at 8am again and feel good.  I could work and hangout with my family, friends and hubby and not be in agony with nausea.  It was wonderful to feel a little more like myself again.  

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