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18 Week Pregnancy Update & Babymoon!

18 Weeks Pregnant: Update & Babymooon!!

We hiked 3 pools, 7 falls Santa Barbara hiking trail. This was the  most beautiful hike! We had such a fun time just talking and laughing along the way. Right when we got there we had to turn around so i could go to the bathroom. Then halfway up the mountain AGAIN i had to pee. Haha, i think my hubby really reaized how often pregnant women need to use the restroom on this trip.

This was on our way to Santa Barbara. We stopped for lunch in Malibu because we took the coast line from Orange County to SB. It was a gorgeous drive! We ate lunch at John's Garden (you will see a pick below). Delicious!

18.5 weeks pregnant.  This was when we got home from our trip after a late night work out. My bump really started to pop this past week!

18.1 Weeks Pregnant. We stayed at the beautiful Fess Parker on the beach in Santa Barbara. My little man kicked for the first time (noticably) on this trip! SUch a special moment to share with my man

Stearns Wharf Santa Barbara 18 Weeks, 2 days pregnant 

Stearns Wharf

Hiking.. isnt he handosome.. and look at that view! In awe of Gods beauty!

The beautiful Santa Barbara beach outside our hotel

Sunsets, one of my favorite things to do is go down to the beach and watch the sun set. My hubby and I watched it go down every night we were there. It was so beautiful!

On our way! Road Trip to Santa Barbara!

The Chase Lounge. Delicious! I had Halibut crusted in lemon and caper sauce with a side of spaghetti! To die for! My husband at Shrimp Scampi and we both were more than satisfied. Its a must try when you visit Santa Barbara. The whole restaurant is lit up with cafe lights and there are famous musicians on the walls which are both so fun to look at and very romantic.

John's Garden in Malibu.  The surfer princess turkey sandwhich is so good! With blood red oranges...mmm

Lounging by the pool. We had such great weather! Thank God because there was a chance of rain.

Cajun Kitchen is a must when you are visiting! I had done some research to find the best places to grub while we were there so I knew this would be a place we'd enjoy. They serve breakfast all day. We had a delicious brunch. Hubby got eggs benedict (his absolute favorite), I had an egg white scramble with veggies and cheddar cheese on top with a side of fruit. Mmm mm!

Drivin up the coast line

Walking along the beach on Sunday is so fun because they have a little outdoor market!

Opal Restaurant And Bar.. this is where we ate the first night of our stay. It was so yummy! We'd definitely go back! I had chicken stuffed with goat cheese on top of argula salad with avocados. My husband had a delicious pasta and we ordered the battered shrimp appetizer you see above to start.

Gorgeous sites on the way there!

An afternoon of shopping with my best man

Lunch at Silver Greens. My guy had the Ahi Salad and I had the half salad half sandwhich combo. So healthy and so good! I wish we had these in orange county!

Overall we had the best time! It was so nice to relax and get away with each other. We would love to go back once the baby is here and old enough. Summer would be absolutely stunning in Santa Barbara but we were so thankful that the weather was spectacular in February! 

I didn't take a belly shot for 18 weeks since I usually do it on Fridays and we left early that morning. So these pictures will have to do.  

How far along: 18 weeks

Symptoms:  Headaches have been less. I need to be drinking more water (Dr. said 12 8 ounce glasses). I havent really had any new symptoms. I get emotional whenever I see babies, especially my new nephew Canaan, I get really teary eyed and excited to meet my little one. 

Cravings: chocolate and sweets lately. Edamame Hummus from Trader Joe's (OMGSH), Meditterranean bread, green cold seedless grapes.

Adversions: None

Excited for: Feeling more of babies kicks!

Movement: Yes! I felt him move at exactly 18 weeks in santa barbara and then 3 days later when we got home.

Belly button: Going flat and trying to poke out

Sleep: I have to sleep in the buff because anything touching my tummy feels restricting and uncomfortable.

Exercise: Its getting really difficult! My right leg feels especially heavy, sort of numb, as though I have 50 lbs of added weight wrapped around my thigh. Its so uncomfortable but im pushing through it and I try not to think about it while Im working out.

My best friend Kelly had her baby boy this week! He is darling and a perfect mix of mama and dad. Im getting so eager to meet my baby after seeing 3 of my girlfriends have their babies this week!

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