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12 Weeks Pregnant

12 Weeks Pregnant

we surprised our families with a box of Sprinkles cupcakes..when they opened the box, they found this little SURPRISE>>BOY! We also got to show them a video of the ultrasound and several pictures of our growing boy.

 Perfect little angel

(we surprised our families with a box of Sprinkles cupcakes..when they opened the box, they found this little SURPRISE>>BOY!

(little boy parts?..tell me what you think)

How far along: 12 weeks

Symptoms: Frequent peeing still, I mostly notice at night (this should subside as I progree further into the second trimester, HURRAY!), sleep is okay, getting uncomfortable though. Headaches often. Hungry all the time, but I get full quickly and sometimes so full it hurts. Still bloated. Still having digestion issues but going to the bathroom more regularly than before (TMI..i know, but I want to be as genuine and real as possible for other mommies struggling with zofran and progesteron slowing down their digestion). Still nauseas, I have tried a couple times to stop taking zofran and skip my morning dose, but I end up taking it around 12 because the nausea comes back. Im Feeling good overrall. Not cramping at all in legs or tummy any more. 

Exercise: Exercising is hard, my legs feel heavy and I get exhausted easily now. My lower back hurts when I do back work outs. But I know this is part of pregancy as my uterus grows, your back curves more and theres more weight pulling on my it all makes sense.

Dr. Update: I got the flu shot at 12 weeks, 5 days pregnant due to the severity of the flu this season and everyone around me in Southern California it seems has had or has the flu. Its very scarey for pregnant women, infants, and the eldery (all having low immune systems.  Our 12 weeks genetic screening (sequential screening) test showed that our baby s perfecly healthy and is in the clear as of now for down syndrome.  A lot of mommies dont want to know the results and opt not to do the test (just drawing moms blood from her arm, and an extra 2 ultrasounds looking at the babys neck, spine, head etc). My husband and I decided we'd like to know if our precious baby had any health issues, that way we would have ample time to plan and make sure we have great insurance and our finances in order for our little one that may need extra care.  That isn't the case now and we can rest assure knowing our baby is healthy and growing strong.  Its a personal decision for every pregnant couple, and we are so happy with our results and our choice.  Its not unsafe in any way, and gives the parents time to prepare and figure things out, so I say why not~!

We went over our bloodwork from my 8 week appointment and everything looked great and right on track: good iron, vitamin d levels, etc..all healthy! Baby is measuring perfecly for his gestational age! Wahooo!

EXCITING NEWS: We went to visit my friend who is the Ultra Sound Technician to see if we could find out the gender early.,.WE ARE 90% SURE ITS A BOY!!!! He definitely had a penis, but I guess little girls can be really swollen and are often confused for little boys at this stage, so we are holding off on buying anything for the bun, but I could not contain my excitement and keep it to ourselves, we had to share with everyone.

Belly Bump: I'm starting to show a little bump on my lower tummy where my uterus is. Some of my bloating is going away (HURRAY) so I actually look smaller than I did at 10wks.  

Food adversions: Not really any right now. Smells bother me but they dont impact my eating (:

Cravings: Trying to eat plenty but also stay active.  I've been way more hungry. Especially breakfast.  I eat every couple to every few hrs. A typical day is: I eat breakfast, snack, then work out, then lunch, then 1-2 small snacks while at work and then dinner and then a snack but a bigger one later at night because iv been eating dinner earlier than I use to (so baby is getting really good nutrients and plenty of them). 

Miss anything: Raw sushi. My pre baby body. It can be hard some days, seeing your body change and fear of the unknown of what it will look like at the end of the road. I know this is such a blessing, I feel so gifted and undeserving, so I try to keep my eyes on how beautiful this is that I get to help create this little human being inside of me, and be its protection and home for the next 10 months (now 7).

Excited for anything: To confirm the babys sex. To feel baby moving!

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