Monday, February 18, 2013

16 Week Pregnancy Update, FOUR MONTHS PREGNANT

16 Week Pregnancy Update:

You can tell from last week I have a little less bloating this week. Its amazing how I thought I popped so much but then it went back down this week. 

Heres my little bump covered up. I think its much cuter with clothes on that accentuate it. I'm so happy I dont have to hide it anymore, that was getting difficult to do

Heres his little weiny! My best friend Ashley let us come back in to her work for an ultrasound (shes the best) to see if we could try to confirm the sex... THATS A BOY!

And heres the potty shot!

How far along: 16 weeks, FOUR MONTHS PREGNANT!

Symptoms: No more medicine! I've been off of it since 15 weeks and haven't had any nausea! I cannot even tell you how happy I am to be off Zofran! I have more energy, I am not sick with the flu anymore (i managed to kick it in the butt with healthy juice drinks from mother's market and wheatgrass shots).  I still get head aches here and there. I am always hungry. Round ligament pain is gone. I haven't had any cramping or anything so its been a good week!

Exercise: still doing light weigths and cardio. Its getting harder and harder as all of my organs are moving to make room for a growing uterus and growing baby, my lungs are being squished.  Its difficult to breathe and my legs feel heavy when I work out, it sort of feels like if you are out of shape and getting back to the gym after taking 5 years off, lol.

Sleep: still difficult, but waking up less for frequent bathroom trips.

Belly button: Flat most of the time, still in though.

Wedding rings: on

Looking forward to: eating sushi again, feeling baby move, and our babymoon!

My best friend whom is an ultrasound tech, who I've mentioned in previous blogs, let us go in to see the baby again and check out if we could confirm the sex. I posted the pics above, IT DEFINITLEY LOOKS LIKE A BOY! We know this could change at 20 weeks and theres a possibility our baby could be a girl with swollen lady parts but thats highly unlikely this far along.  

Cravings: tortilla chips (from Casa Rachero), citrus fruits and fruit snacks! Yogurland! No food adversions.

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