Monday, February 18, 2013

14 Week Pregnancy Update

14 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along: 14 Weeks

This week I wasn't the greatest at tracking my symptoms etc. But here it goes:

Symptoms: Headaches are the new thing this week. I'm finding I need more and more fluids and that can sometimes helpt he headaches to go away.  I still feel nauseas if I dont take my medicine but Im only taking one dose instead of two.  I am getting a big more energy on some days, other days im still so tired.

Cravings: anything citrus or fruity

Looking forward to: Confirming the sex in the weeks to come. Feeling baby move! And of course going on our baby moon in a few weeks! 

Exercise: Still going light weights and cardio. I try to shoot for 5 days a week, sometimes I get an extra day in sometimes I lose a few depending on how Im feeling.

Sleep: gahh, sleep has been tough for the majority of this pregnancy. Between waking up to go to the bathroom, getting too hot, too cold, uncomfortable, and trying to sleep on my side only, its been difficult. I thought that didn't happen until waaay later, but for me it started right away.  

Sorry for the quick post. I need to get better at logging week by week.

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