Monday, February 11, 2013

13 Weeks Pregnant Update- Second Trimester!

13 Weeks Pregnant

Hello Second Trimester!!!

How far along: 13 weeks

Symptoms:  Symptoms are slowly going away, still on medicine for nausea, praying I can stop within the next few days. Less tired, a little less bloated this week. Head aches. Hungry all the time. Still getting up to pee a couple times a night.  Round ligament pain when I get up and move to quickly or if I try lying in a position that doesn't work well witht he bellly (lol).

Exercise: Still on it and its still tiring.

Baby Bump: Feeling very pregnant, baby bump is sticking out, especially after meals and at night!

Missing anything: Being able to sleep comfortably.

Excited about: BEING IN THE SECOND TRIMESTER!! WAHOO! Feeling baby move and confirming the babys sex. Oh and the babymoon!

Cravings: Citrust foods, lots of fruits, chips and salsa, melted cheese on pizza or nachos, grilled cheese, etc.

Adversions: None.


  1. I LOVED reading your blog! I am 14 weeks and I discovered your blog a while ago. I loved reading all of your week by week posts! You have a very light and sweet energy about you:) You have inspired me to start my own! xx

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