Wednesday, February 6, 2013

9 Weeks Pregnancy Update

 You can just tell how exhausted I am by looking at these pics (lol)

9 Weeks Pregnancy Update

How far along: 9 weeks 
Symptoms: Awful constipation (I had already had issues with this due to progesterone slowing down your digestive system as well as my growing uterus pushing again my intestines) but now being on Zofran for a week, its been a week since I was able to go to the bathroom.. talk about PAINFUL. My nurse advised me to try stool softeners, supositories, more fiber in my diet, increase my liquids etc. I tried it all, nothing worked.  On day 10 of this horrible bloating and cramping, I tried a water enema as the nurse suggested, even that didnt do anything.  Finallly, I think after trying so many things, I started to get some relief every few days. But not much. This lasted WEEKS. I'm exhausted even more these past 2 weeeks,I wake up so tired even with 11hrs of sleep
My back hurts and I get leg cramps. I think its my ligaments loosening and moving and my increased blood volume.

Am I showing: I don't have a bump quite yet and I'm so far at 2.5 lb weight gain it fluctuates though depending on what I've eaten that day. I tend to carry water weight any how.

What am I missing:  I'm not missing anything really. I jus want to feel 100 percent myself but that won't happen until this baby comes I'm sure.

Cravings: not really, I've been liking sweets again and eating captain crunch and bagels often. 

Adversions: fish, pizza, soups (I ate too much of it), store bought tortilla chips
But craving restaurant ones? Haha. 

I cooked for the 1st time in 3 wks and I've been exercising like 4-5 days a week light cardio not weights yet,although I want to I'm not motivated to get to my regular gym class schedule. Smells really gross me out right now, even things I use to like. I'm irritated by a lot of smells now a days. 
Still always hungry but not forced to eat as much as I did the past 3 wks with the horrible nausea. I had to eat more to settle my tummy.

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