Thursday, February 7, 2013

11 Weeks Pregnant Update

11 Weeks Pregnant Update

This is a pic from Kelly, one of my best friend's baby shower.  Its a fun photo because Kelly is in her 3rd trimester, her friend is in her 2nd, and in this pic I was in my 1st tirmester.  Its neat to see the difference 

I love Kel, she always gets me to take a pic belly to belly. I will thank her later for all of the memories shes helped capture. I cant wait to have little boys that are 6 months apart. She is studying to be a she will be helping me and coaching me through this pregnancy, and preparing me for labor. Shes due any day now! Its the cutest story, she found out she was pregnant on Father's day, and she is due on Valentines day. What a special little baby!

11 Weeks Pregnant Update

So I somehow skipped week 10. I didnt keep a log and I never took a picture. This is the only week thus far that I have really blown it on and missed. But I'm sure it looked pretty similar to weeks 9 & 11. Not much changed until around week 12 or 13 when the nausea started to lift a bit. (Stay tuned to find out more)

How far along:  11 Weeks 

Excited for: Seeing our little bun. My girlfriend Ashley that is the US technician wants us to come in on friday when I'm 12 weeks to see if we can determine the gender early on! SOOOO EXCITED I cannot contain myself.

Symptoms: Same. My legs still feel heavy when I exercise. Stomach cramping stopped a while ago. 

Cravings: OH BOY! I am craving everything fruity and citrusy.  I am all over Trader Joe's fruit leathers, fruit snacks, dried fruit and fresh fruit.  My favorite right now are Oranges and Raspberries. Kelly (in the above photo) introduced me to Cliff's Fruit twists! They are all natural and all fruit, so so yummy! I can eat a few a day (:  I'm not too into chocolate or ice cream right now, which I usually love. Some of my go to fruits right now are: dried apricots, oranges, raspberries, blackberries, pineapple, and strawberries (anything tart is yummy). I Love ANYTHING MEXICAN. Especially chips and salsa (i could down a whole basket and 6 bowls of salsa). Seriously. Its always been my guilty pleasure.  Loving cheese. And also Pizza! (CPK is in my dreams these days), not a normal craving for me..Im usually okay with having pizza ever so often, but it seems im having it 1-2 times a week right now.

Bump Update:  I can feel a little bump where my uterus is, its pretty neat! Some of my bloating is going away, but it comes back certain days when I eat somethign that is harder to digest (like pizza).  

Exercise:  My lower back hurts often, especially when I lift light weights, which I didnt do for 2 months after I found out I was pregnant. I'm just not getting back into the groove of things and building my muscles back up.

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