Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pregnancy Update.. 5 Weeks

Tummy update + Symptoms and more

Pre baby body (taken at 4 weeks pregnant)

Pre baby Body (taken at 4 weeks pregnant)

 5 Weeks Pregnant (above photo)

6 Week baby belly
 Dinner with our friends, my girl friend Kelly is 6mnths ahead of me (im 6 weeks here)

My first trimester of pregancy was very tiring and busy due to it being holiday season.  For this reason I have gotten so behind on blogging and am now just catching up.  I wanted to do weekly posts on all of my symptoms, cravings, what I was feeling emotionally and physically etc: So here it goes with catching up:

How far along: 5 weeks, 4 days:

Woke up to a little spotting in the morning. (Nothing to be worried about, but of course being a new mommy everything made me anxious because you dont know what is normal.  My Dr. said spotting is a very common symptom that plenty of women experience at some point in their pregancy. Most experience this right after implantation in their first weeks of being pregnant. A lot of women mistake it as a light period and then dont even realize until a month later that they had conceived.

Symptoms: Nausea has begun. Spotting. REALLY HUNGRY. Boobs tripled in size from my prebaby boobs.  Exhausted. 

Dr. advised me to not work out and put me on complete pelvic rest due to the spotting just as a precaution. The nurse said specifically "try to not do anything for 7 days, if the spotting is gone for 7 days then you can proceed with activities and intercourse, etc. If the spotting comes back, wait an additional period until you have 7 days go by without spotting. I decided to take 3 weeks off from the gym until I knew for certain our little baby was safe and had a heart beat.  It was a nice break but Im not going to lie, it was hard to wait to be with my husband (we waited only 2 weeks for that), and I was going stir crazy at home, unable to work because my nausea was so awful.  

Food Adversions:  EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING HEALTHY. I couldn't even open the refridgerator or look at it. My husband had to go out and get me every meal 3 times a day because I couldn't cook or be around food in the kitchen. Every meal and every day had to be something different because the food I had eaten the day before would gross me out and nauseate me even more. This was so difficult for me because I was forced to eat foods I'd never usaully eat, especially when keeping the health of my baby in mind..i was eating fast food like taco bell, chick filet, Dafne's, subway, Del Taco, bagels from ILOVE BAGELS and Bruggers.  All I could stomach was carbs. My sweet mom made me spaghetti, macaroni, etc to try to help out.  
Cravings: none, it was more about "what foods can I tolerate? what is not going to make me puke thinking about it"

On Thanksgiving day we decided to tell our families we were pregnant using a fun homemade video with pictures of my husband and I as babies, kids, teens, and then the story of how we met, our engagement video and photos, and then our wedding..ending the video with the BIG SURPRISE of our babies first ultrasound (my best friend is an ultrasound technician so we were able to see our little baby growing at just 5weeks!)
The day after Thanksgiving I remember is right about when the nausea came on full force.   My husband and I went on the search for "preggie pops" and ginger capsules. We finally found them at Baby's R US and Mother's market for the capsules. 

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